Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


i know. its amazing how ewan keeps getting that slot on the last word from his old editor in the sunday tribune. mind boggling.


Made that point on my text into the show as well :grinning:



the emmy’s can sod off - not one award for Twin Peaks? unreal.


Did they work there at the same time . Mckeanna does nt look old enough to have worked at the tribune! It’s out of circulation a fair few years now. Ah well


The Fonz got one though :sunglasses:


yep, he did. his award for sportswriter of the year was from around 2009 and i was buying the turbine right till its end. i seem to remember mckenna was always worth a read back then, as was una mullally. both have narrowcasted sadly.


Tremendous banter with the bio on this page , its what we’ve always suspected :joy:



Westmeath appoint full time S&C coach… Obviously too many resources - time to split them!

Usual terrible editorial comment embedded in the article from Hoganstand though, Westmeath’s ‘declining underage structures’. Who has judged them as declining? Declining from what?

The same people who comment on stuff under the articles on The 42 (stupid name!), must write for Hoganstand.


It brings @upthedall to Malahide via Kavanagh’s on the Malahide Road.


It’s reassuring to know that good friends never remind a man that he got lost.

Yis b*****ds.


Reckon they are referring to Westmeath’s good minor teams of the Noughties - though it’s a stretch. Ironic for a Meath publication to be commenting on other’s underage structures …


Never mind getting lost, this year ya drove right past it but were too busy talking to yer aul wan!


How many times do I have to tell yi…just like in Scooby Doo they pulled a candlestick and the place flipped around. No other explanation.

Otherwise you insinuating I got lost twice??


You’ve no idea Al. Keeps nattering away the whole time.

This is her in the tryone colours. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.


Jaysus! Issue a coded warning for that! Preferably a coloured one, not a Nordy one…




Given with his blessing too apparently.

I thought all noms had to have the approval of the nominee, no?


Over on they are claiming that Dorothy was “the greatest figure in the GAA in the last decade”. Hmmmm. He certainly had a great arse on him the last couple of years. They’ve neglected to mention in all the eulogies that Dublin had him in our pockets since 2011, his diving, bitching, and constant fouling, and acting like a big petulant baby after the 2014 final. Classless oaf.

Interestingly in a clumsy effort at making a ‘general’ point about lack of enough prep in GAA team coaching he actually is slagging off ‘Fitzy’ & Co. for not doing enough video analysis. As clearly he believes Dublin at least were doing it because it stands to reason.
If Kerry were more successful currently you’d be hearing all the hooring shite like “Dublin spend too long on things like video analysis and over-coaching instead of pure footballing skills.” :tired_face:

Someone should tell him that simple poems need to rhyme…