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Barry Kennedt did get a few games but at what stages or cups leagues etc, i do not know…
In and around 2008/09 i think?!


Liam Walsh played hurling (and football) with Dublin for a good number of years, highly skilful player. From Tallaght played with Thomas Davis and Faughs.


lad from clanna gael fontenoy was on radio last week - they have to cater for a population higher than longford, leitrim and cavan put together,

Tallaght & Condalkin - if they were one town - would be third highest population centre in the republic, beat only by dublin itself and cork.

Our friend in Brazil may believe that in abandoning his discredited stats and moving to the population thing (to split Dublin up) he is on a winner. He isnt. There is no connection between all the kids who get the grant and adult level. He may as well be looking at all the numbers who believe in santa aged 7 and those who still believe aged 20.

the dublin football team can only draw on one pool - the dublin senior football championship. take out of that small number those who are not form dublin, those who are too old or have left the panel, and you have an incredibly small number in comparison to the massive numbers who get the ISC grants and so on at underage.

So, how can you split a county into four based on those numbers? You cannot, of course. Anyone involved in the GAA knows this. Ewans problem - again - is that he allows his aim (the stopping of the dublin winning all irelands) to obscure the “facts” upon which he grounds his ambition.

His real problem is that, as we have said before, his stats and his facts may impress those who dont look behind them, but they are not only easily seen though by the powers that be - they actually bolster and confirm that what is being done is correct and right.

Also - if there were hundreds and hundreds of division 1 teams which mean that there are multiples of “dublins” in the county (the O’Rourke argument) the only fair way to resolve that is to have more than one team but drawn from the county as a whole

That resolves Ewan’s population argument (false as it is) quite easily.


It’s somewhat disheartening that there is a need in the first place to put forward a counter-argument, however few do it as well as @dubintipp - well done again.

If only certain media outlets didn’t allow people to spout any old guff without fact-checking or taking a balanced view…

Thankfully the GAA as an organisation quite rightly takes games development and promotion seriously.


The air is rightly gone out of this one because of the absolute nonsense it is.


55 year old Mickey linden’s point from last weekend…:flushed::clap:t2::clap:t2:



Heard that the incident was a complete accident. A bad clash of heads.


Has there any clarification from Sean C himself ??


He just tweeted thanks for the messages and he was out of hospital and was just unlucky


This is his tweet.


Rte say it was a knee in rhe head but doesnt say if it was accidental or not, either way 11 red cards in 2 games over the weekend in Tyrone is bad


And yet

Sure thing Peter :roll_eyes:


Told ya !


Christ what a fucking load of shite from Canavan. Time to man up and confront all the sh1te once and for all. An agenda …, fucking ostrich.


The problem with the boy in Brazil is that he will never change his stance. Being anti-Dublin is basically his brand now. It is one of the main things that gets his articles published and gets him on the radio. I don’t think he is stupid, at this stage he has to know his arguments and stats are dodgy, but when making these arguments is what gets you paid you are going to keep going with them, regardless as to whether you believe them or not.


I’m beginning to think Peter is an ass hole but I don’t want it to be true.


I just seen that the Last Word had your man from Brazil on about violence in Ulster GAA. A guy from Brazil who can have seen absolutely nothing …:joy::joy::joy:. A guy who knows nothing about the GAA. :joy::joy::joy:. Matt Cooper mustn’t give a shite about the credibility of his show.


Texted into the show with that point and fact that spewan is an ill informed bell end. Matt the langer didn’t read out my text strangely enough :upside_down_face:


What could canavan say ? He was hardly going to slaughter his own county. Is nt that what gaa folk do , circle the wagons when outsiders are ganging up on you. As for the mckeanna fella, on Twitter earlier he was going on like he was rolling into omagh sleeves up ready to sort this issue out. Changed his tune slightly on the last word and was wishy washy imo. It boggles the mind though they have someone based in Brazil who had nt seen a second of any footage giving an “
Informed opinion” . Pure shite for sure.