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Tallaght has the population of limerick and its still growing ,lads playing gaa and giving it up to play soccer for different r e asons


Croi dont recruit from Jobstown. They have struggled to field adult team in recent years. KK getting act together at juvenile as was totally neglected for about 10/15 years. They probably struggle when clash with soccer. County board should have GPO for them small clubs in Tallaght areas.


Marks have only 2 pitches to play on


Surely they could use pitches in St Aidans and Mount Seskin?


Honestly dont know ,but there is one main pitch facing clubhouse and then one to the side of it ,and and far as i know marks dont even own the pitches ,the council do.


Not sure if the camogie pitch is still going as they built houses there in the last 10/15 years. Council own the land. Wouldn’t sell to marks years ago


Does anyone remember Tallaght league? Seems there was a few clubs in Tallaght in late 80s/early 90s

St Thomas
St Dominicks
Killnarden Gaels presume their Croi Ro Noafa now
Kevins and Kevins had independent teams then and the main clubs TD, Annes and Marks.


Yeah I played in the tallaght league. St Thomas would ring a bell as Jobstown. Domnics parish would have been oldbawn or Aylesbury which is Thomas davis


I was at a planning meeting a few years ago and the DCB explained that in the Dublin 8, 10 and 12 areas a stand alone minor team had not competed from any of the local clubs for a period of over six years (a few merged teams competed )

The general message I felt that was being conveyed by the DCB was that there were too many fish in the pond and mergers would be desirable.


Excellent article by ToSe in Indo today … really think he’s the best gaa writer out there …





That’s an absolute disgrace.


Thats mad. How did a player do that without the ref doinf anything?


Shane Ross is the gift that keeps giving.

Issued a press release congratulating gold medal WC win by one Dominant Puspure.

Only problem is her name is Sanita Puspure.

The theory is that the press release and tweet were based on RTE headline put up after her win which read “Dominant Puspure powers to gold rowing medal”…



Mickey linden at young age of 55 came off bench in Down senior reserve final (would that be equivalent to Dublin all county intermediate?) to slot over point from 50yards out.


That’s piss poor …



Piss poor getting Puspure wrong


If that was in the Dublin championship, there would have been RTE cameras, Gardai, other lads in balaclavas etc…