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Got sent this via whats-app yesterday

Sep 12
I’ve lived through at least five “storm of a lifetime” efforts, and only via US news and only since my 18th birthday in late 2002. News is hugely important, to diminish it through hyperbolic repetition demeans it and makes people, frankly, cold to it. Next a last-minute degrading


Ok I’m sorry for posting this, but when I read these posts from him a fucking rage boils. what a ■■■■■■■. ‘You can decide what county in Dublin you’ll soon be following’. A shitebag of the highest order.


A smug c*nt to boot as well. If he’s such a good journalist why is he writing for clickbait sites such as Pundit Arena


Imagine how annoying it must be for him, he’s literally dedicated weeks/months of works at this stage jumping up and down over the issue and nobody in Croke Park HQ is taking him seriously. He’s gets traction from Newstalk, Today FM and the Irish Indo and even recently those outside Dublin are getting sick of his shit.

Dublin won’t ever be split in two. It can’t be forced upon us and I can’t see any reason why the county board would accept it. As a supporter I won’t accept it and would boycott any games if Dublin was split in two. I strongly believe thousands more fans would too.


I’d be done if Dublin was split. Funny how when KK where winning all and sundry in the hurling there was never any talk of splitting them in two


someone believes his own hype :joy:


I feel exactly the same on a split. I’d be done with inter county. Just the ■■■■ makes my blood boil, I’d fucking love to get him in a bout of white collar boxing. There be rocky 3 done on his mallet. A CAUC of the higest order.


He does, nice and safe in Brazil.


Ewan was on Secod Captains (talking soccer) the other day. I was genuinely saddened he appeared on that podcast.


So it’s all coming out now. Ewan played for James Gaels around 2010-2012


The talk of a split is actually comical and shows you what he actually knows.


Off The Boil has apologized to Peter Leahy for what they said about him after Cora & Co scarpered.

Off The Boil not always right?

I know, I know…

I’m stunned too.



Poor Ewan was hit with this earlier and he couldn’t counter anything. Glorious to read. Will try find the tweet again and link it so you can see his embarrasing replies. He genuinely hasn’t a clue, bless him


Link here.


Yea I’m big fan of the podcast. Didn’t think they would entertain that clown but they were taking the piss out of him a bit after the interview


Is that total number of kids or number of kids participating in games development activities? Surely the second number would be better at showing how effectively the money is being used?


Think its the total number of school kids.


Brilliant. I am sure Brolly will use when sinking Pug’s BS


So we claim everybody when it comes to school kids but point out angrily that not all 1.2 million people in Dublin are involved in the GAA.


Not sure how you deduced that from that graph. Its the same for all counties. All kids included.