Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Oh yeah same shite as always. Totally unprofessional,never bother with the facts.


i was genuinely baffled when listening to it.

Anyway , take it all with a pinch of salt


Cora coming across very poorly here


Yeah and it s taken a turn towards a row about the tidy towns competition. Why we can t have that type of high class debate here. :sweat_smile:. Mayoman , you should be raising the standard here but you’re dragging us down.


What’s she on?


The subs bench, that’s why she went and brought her clubmates with her.


She was hard listen to on the off the ball final preview. Not shy in telling everyone she has a talent.

Anyway it’s for the mayo folk to sort out.


Sorry i meant just in general the last few weeks


Facts are irrelevant to them, prefer to be outraged. The Daily Mail of the airwaves



ah lads - be nice


yeah - be nice lads. Actually seen her in Henry Street. Gave her a nod in recognition and got a big hello back. Be nice lads, but not to Donaghy, because thats just puke bucket territory.



It’s obvious enough that it’s filtering down into the Dub panel. Cluxton giving it a special mention in his speech etc.

Can only see the recent articles from the usual sorts (Ewan McKenna) as acting as a major motivating factor for this panel

Giving the effort and sacrifice they’ve put into getting to a place where a 5 in a row is actually possible. It must be like a slap in the face to the players to listen to the rubbish being spouted.

For me it’s only fueling the fire of this history making Dubs panel moving forward into 2019


This terminology should not be used at all - especially here. There is no such thing and using the term only normalises it. The guy is a parody and has little or no engagement on the issue from anybody at this stage as people see it for the crock of absolute bullshit it is.


Do we need yet another thread on this? It’s been done to death on at least two of the media threads.


Agreed and merged


saw in the star yesterday the carlow all stars nominee moaning about it and how wonderful Ewan is, and how the counter arguments he has heard dont hold water.

he does have a point in that it is only since 2003 that Dublin have seen an end to Carlows chances of winning all irelands and leinsters.


I’d love to ask him how many hours he trains a week. Of course the other pr*ck takes his validation … from a Carlow player … :roll_eyes:


Read it, yer man Broderick. I would say a lot of smaller counties star players when asked their opinion would be on that side of the coin. Pug boy will find his niche. Though wonder would Mr. Broderick buy into the idea of a separate competitions that they have a realistic chance fo winning?