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You’d never think a lad like him could hand it out like that. That was just plain mean. I’d say we won’t hear much by way of retort - too busy attending the burn unit at the local hospital…

Cheered me up no end.


is there a link to this.


Wouldn’t mind that link myself


Have we gone back to the late 70’s…


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Disgraceful…these “gangs” need to be taken out…


Peter Leahy has his say on the Mayo Ladies/Carnacon walkout. I wonder will those who heaped abuse on the Mayo Ladies county board be having any second thoughts.


Was well known in Mayo that Cora and Co orchestrated this but nationally everyone lambasted the mayo ladies board and management without any knowledge


I’d disagree there.

A lot of posts I have read on other forums are defintely more leaning towards the view that Cora’s ego is the only victim here and she is pissed off that her wings have been clipped.

The media have deffo given her more airtime, but if the management only went on the record about it yesterday Cora and crew got the jump start there. Paper never refuses ink as they say.


Maybe on forums, but some of the opinion pieces in the national dailies were scathing of the Mayo board after taking a quick glance at the situation and jumping to conclusions.


was funny to hear the off the ball lads call this out and give their tuppence worth on it weighing in on the side of the players who left, and then at the end of the segment make a comment that they actually don’t know any facts around the matter.


Those pricks are only interested in the aggro. Facts are irrelevant, it basically goes that complainers are aromatically in the right and officials by their nature are always in the wrong.


I smell a rat …


Any whiff of controversy and they are all over it.


I see that Willie joes all over this story on the bog.


The Off the Ballers were actually a disgrace when they interviewed Cora. Never asked 1 hard question but yet took the opportunity to slag off the county board and management team. Shockingly poor one sided interview on the players side and then a few minutes later had no problem sticking up for Roy Keane after he abused one the Irish players.


Offtheboil will never ever ask any hard question of any mayo player. They love them to much.


I’m talking about a different day, it was when the news broke that they were kicked out of the championship and hadn’t spoken to anyone from either side , but went off spouting some amount of waffle