Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


and again for me pls … sorry for the hassle



any chance of a link too.


Subsequent AI wins by Dorothy after that final: 0

Subsequent AI wins by Dublin after that final: 3

Overall Dorothy v Dublin in AI Finals Played 2 Lost 2



That first picture conflicts me something awful.


Nice tribute


Jaysus didn’t think either of them had that sort of language in them especially Marty :open_mouth:


No better man than Des to debunk conspiracy theories on the Twitter with the style and class of a true blue!



Marty is FILTHY. Absolutely filthy ! :astonished:


What did he say? Or are you taking the pi55?


Any chance link please ??


Link please?


Marty and Des could never be classed as journalists.
They’re heavily scripted presenters.
Popular with players and managers as they take the lines they’re fed and pad around those words with joviality.


Attaboy Marty!


Jesus, some of Marty’s followers will be heading straight to mass after that language…


He had the claws out alright.


When doesn’t he?

Don’t let the cuddley exterior fool you.

Eh, we’re still talking about Marty here aren’t we?


Never knew Marty had it in him. Pug boy beware.


What’s Marty n Des up to , I’m lost


Would someone send me the link please?

Don’t see why we cant post on the this thread?