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Can I also have the link please?


Thats Funny


Link please :+1:


Link please :+1:



Thanks for sharing. Who is running that blog? Can anybody contribute? Thats a nice platform for someone like DubinTipp to breakdown the bulshit figures by pug fiddler. And I’ll do a kick ass pie chart by a concerned resser.


oh I like pie charts :grinning:


Dorothy has announced his retirement from Inter County football


Info graphics is my speciality. Saving the world from the little bitter pug lover is a worthy cause


Thats beautiful news.



The fact that this even popped up as a breaking news items on my iphone from RTE shows just how far up his hole RTE are.

A bollix of the highest order. Good luck and good riddance.


Still… he never got to beat Dublin in an All Ireland final. To fist thumping there.


ah well, that’s Kerry’s only tactical advance this year riding off into the sunset. without lurch on the edge of the square Clifford wouldn’t have scored that goal. maybe it was the sight of howard bursting out of the defence with a ball intended for Cavanagh that convinced him to remain in his crypt.


Great to think he won 3 of those AI’s before 2011 and we’ve won 6 since then compared to his one :grin:

What do ye think of that Dorothy!!! :grin:


Great news for The Sunday Game too.

Instead of having a mere 3 Kerry pundits on their match days panels, they can have 4.

Pat will do the day time show.

Tomas will do the evening show

Colm will do sideline reporting with Jackie Cahill

Donkey can…sit with the officials, tell the ref what to do (God know, he has the experience) via an earpiece and keep us all up to speed live on air?

Can I get a woo and a hoo ?


Ah lads, its wasn’t all bad. He did bring us this glorious memory


And the time the hurricane hit Croke Park and he had to hang on to Ciaran Kilkenny for dear life




a personal favourite


Could you send it to me too Dub09?


Can you post the link on here @DUB09 ?