Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Came across very well, fair dues to him.

Although he didn’t get the bullshit questions that Gilroy would have fired at him.


Molly is good i think. Gilroy is a complete an utter twat


A coup for London


A touch of Seanie Johnson about the whole thing - Mulligan played the last minute of a club hurling match over there :expressionless:


Hopefully it can give London GAA the huge lift that Seanie gave Kildare hurling …


In fairness there is a good bit of difference. London is obviously a place that people will transfer into, and they protested the Seanie Johnson rule of having to play championship at the time, because of this very problem. The London championship is often played very late. So you could have a guy who moved to London the previous August not able to play for London until 18 month later, because London could well be out of all competitions before their championship starts.


Now that is mental in all respects. McDonnel wants to know what McGeeney said, because, hmm, he just wants to know. He thinks the ban is unfair and scapegoating, yet he has no idea what was said. I know he is a bit thick, but mother of god, that is just nonsensical.

On the issue itself, McGeeney didn’t get a 12 week ban for saying ‘ah ref’…



Best of luck to Bernard in the new role! Thorough gentleman!


They now play a “gradings” round in the championship early enough in the year, I believe, to circumvent this.


Philly on RTE radio one now



FFS frames it by using that debunked Shane Mangan tweet.

never saw shane mention that Mayo outspent dublin last year, and would have far outspend us on football given that they dont have a Liam McCarthy hurling team. funny enough havent seen bollocks mention it much either, including here.

“a different opinion” no shit.



has this been picked up by or was it always produced for them? listened to the Kev Mc and Brendan Maher episodes and found them good. Wouldnt be like Balls or to take a line from an interview and make a whole article of tripe based on it.


Nope, it’s all Alan O’Mara’s own work & he wasn’t too happy with a lot of news outlets taking snippets from it without proper accreditation given


Good to hear, bad form if outlets aren’t giving proper accreditation. At least gave the sound cloud link.

Would love to hear an episode with Connolly! Hope you’re reading Alan :smiley:


My hero … always knew Aido would have a pair of flares …

Mammy wouldn’t be too pleased to see him playing with fireworks

Ps First few paras are pure BS!


I gave up after the first few paragraphs, has he ever done anything audacious when it has really mattered though?


I think they are mixing up audacious with losing control of the ball …