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Win, lose, or draw I want to hear Gavin say “see yis all in Coppers!” :grinning:


Mick foley in today’s sunday times


Off the ball had good panel on this morning. kieran Shannon talking sense .Molloy spouting the bitter in Brazil line,referencing his interview with Dunphy but shannon kept countering. Basically said Dublins performance was down to brilliant coaching by Jayo and co, and most of the percieved advantages like s&c can be replicated in other counties. His best point though was if Gavin was in any other top 4 county they would have had an AI in last 4 years.


Anyone know how GPO’s are designated, do all county boards have to pay 50% of their wages or is that just in Dublin ? How is it decided how many can be in an area and again does it vary from county to county.?


Jaysis lads feck yas all anyway. I never even heard of ■■■■■■■■■■■■ before reading about him on here. I knew he was an anti dub bollox and that was it (oh and he was a cringy nickname on the ressers forum). I often posted asking posters not to be giving him any publicity on here if he was so bad. Anyway my curiosity got the better of me, which I was afraid of, and I looked him up on Twitter. I wouldn’t be much of a tweeter which is why I never came across him but my jaysis what an absolute eejit. I shall be relplying to him regularly now until he blocks me.

PS there is serious similarities to the way he writes on Twitter to the way a former ressers stalwart did before he left us :laughing:


I wouldn’t waste your time Sam_11. The gobshite has no point to make and doesn’t give a shite really about the well beings of anything – he’s just trying to be relevant and therefore tries to be polarising in hope that he might get more clicks/attention.

There’s an under current of bitterness and hatred against the Dubs t but that comes from being from Kildare and the growing dismay of seeing the ‘big smoke’ winning so many all irelands while his own county win ■■■■ all. He holds a cocktail of Bitterness and Envy towards the capital which surely is one of the reasons he fled the country. I used to give him some attention but I don’t click on anything he writes or has to say anymore and it feels good. He’s not relevant unless you want him to be !


Clubs can pool together to pay the remainer, IMO its an unfair system for clubs in socially deprived or small communities.


And it can never replace teachers in schools coaching kids and taking teams.


If you browse Pundit Arena on his articles since he began writing there recently , there’s a recurring theme . Sport in general seems to be a constant state of torture for him . I’ve yet to see a positive article about anything he writes .
He truly is a poor man’s Dunphy .


Good to see some CB’s are taking their thumb out of their ass


Apparently there were some all hours of the morning tweets recently slagging some very successful sports journalists which were subsequently deleted. Jeeze I wouldn’t have the neck to slag off someone who was earning a huge amount more than me and who was successful and respected. You’d be very tired and emotional tweeting in the early hours. If I tweet at that time I’m usually Mickey Monk. Thankfully I’m not a respected journalist. :flushed:


I saw the Marty Morrissey & Des Cahill (they’re respected journalists? :thinking: ) ones. Who were the others?


In fairness both would have a very good reputation and relationship with players, managers etc and they know their stuff. The riposte from the two of them was class too. Nothing like a bit of dignity and humour and rising above it.


The Pug boy has obviously has mental issues, he has a bunch of fake Twitter accounts he uses to attack others in the media, he blocks anyone who confronts him and pulls him up on his lies. These are not behavious of a stable person.


They both replied to him? I never saw it. What did they say? Can’t believe they replied to Captain Codswallop.


Sent you a link there :+1:


G’wan Marty. Hup ya boya !


Can I get that link? Cheers


Different time zone perhaps…?


Can you send it on as well please