Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Hopefully he’s done his research and can set the record straight. Being honest after reading hundreds of tweets and dozens of posts on here, I’m still none the wise re. the GPO funding point.


That’s the one. Though the thing about Cluxton is what he brings to the team apart from his game. That’s why he’s captain for so long. I would question the wisdom of that actually


Could have sworn those pictures were of Stephen Cluxton, and not Jim Carrey.


Yeah, lifting Sam on four occasions would support your suspicions. :wink:


Niall Scully is also the son of an ex player who played with Dublin in the mid 80s.



Not to undervalue what Cluxton brings (which has been revolutionary) but Gavin will only be truly appreciated once he’s moved on.


There you go! It’s a generational thing. It’s part of why at 61 I brim with pride when I see great young men bursting it out for Dublin. Sons of fathers I played with and against through my time as a younger man. It’s a joy to have such amazing ambassadors for Gaelic Football. Apart for that Flour Bag Tool the pundits seem to have no choice but to hail this incredible bunch of lads.
The best of times. Best of times.


I meant, to use the horrible clichee, going forward. Who can possibly follow that as captain.?


He’s been grooming Pat Gilroy as his eventual replacement.


This isn’t Dublin related, but it’s pertinent as it demonstrates the lack of quality in on-line

You can’t present something as a news piece, when it is an opinion piece and you can’t have an opinion piece without knowing who’s opinion it is. You also can’t begin an article with ‘it’s crazy’ unless you are 10 years old. But even a 10 year old would qualify why they think something is ‘crazy’.

Hoganstand is useful as it hunts out (steals) articles from other more reputable media sources. But it is fairly dire in a media context (also very dubious tactics for selling advertising).


Games development is funded/assisted by the Irish sports council. It’s spent on getting kids into games. If you look at cul camps jerseys they have an ISC logo on them. No underage club team does. Once the kids are into the clubs the ISC role ceases.

I mean it’s not like the evidence is literally there for Ewan to see…


What about this: “Jim Gavin calls it a day after Dubs seal historic 5 in a row by beating The Kingdom by 17 points”

2 days later: “Dublin announce Stephen Cluxton as their new manager”


Well Kevin Mac said watching how much Jim puts into it has sworn him off the job.

My money would be in jayo, but Jim might pull a coady.


Don’t think Jayo has a shot to be honest.


Im only thinking on the basis that jayo would be as familiar with the job as Jim.

Not a fan of promoting from the team.

An outsider would need to be able to match Jim’s methods very quick. That must narrow it down.


Kev was in the job the week before the All Ireland giving a talk on mental health, work/life balance and how to focus the mind so you can get the very best out of yourself. It was brilliant. He’s a great character and brutally honest. Talked a bit about his career in the GAA and answered questions very honestly. I’ve always had a man crush on Kev but I’ve even more respect for the man now. Not going to repeat what he said on here as it’s not for me to say but he really is a great lad. What he does for kids struggling with the pressures of leaving cert and people struggling with anxiety and depression is remarkable. Ready to go to war with anyone who ever says a disparaging word about him ever again.


Or, Jim Gavin: “I’ll stay until the money runs out.”


That would be too perfect


I’m hoping if we’re lucky enough to win again next year Cluxton does a mic drop.


Imagine he just walked up and said i wrote this in 2015 and used it every year since, can’t be arsed anymore, just watch last years. Lads, pub. Come on