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must have all been deleted as i cannot see anything :laughing:

same on marty


All still there. Foul mouthed rants


is it on his own twitter account or des & martys?




Jesus !

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Calls Dub fans morons. Says lucky wife presumably re Alan moving out, calls Varadkar a scumbag … and people think this guy is credible? :joy::joy::joy:


He’s starting to make Colm Parkinson’s Twitter spats with Dick Clerkin and Joe Brolly look like an episode of Jackanory. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



god. yis made me look.

same old augument - portlaoise prat gazing in admiration at the “registered players” fiction - and a fine example of his bitter twisting of the truth here:

Which generation would that be exactly? The Flynn, Brogans, McMahon generation? The James McCarthy, Dean Rock generation? Os the O’Callaghan, Brian Boward, Niall Scully generation? Seems these ‘generations’ just keep coming for the Dubs

Brogans - sons of ex player
McMahon - started in 2008 (ten years on the road)
McCarhty - son of ex player - ten years on the road
Rock - son of ex player - five years on the road
O’Callaghan - son of ex player
Howard - like Ewan, I dunno.
Scully - ditto, like ewan

it doesnt take much to dismantle ewans arguments. the key is that only ewan has the time - every day all times a day - and the contacts to keep making the same arguments again and again and again, no matter how twisted they are.


You debunk his argument he will find a new angle. He needs a councillor. Once he admits he simply dislikes Dublin because of (insert reason here) he can make his argument. Get it of your chest Ewan.


have already seen it (could have originated from him) - people accepting the validity of the counter argument on the Games Development Funding and then saying “well the only solution is to split dublin along the county council lines as the numbers are so huge” - so the SAME money is spent on the SAME number of people but lo and behold, at the end of it you get 4 county teams.

I’ve seen people saying in reply “sure you’ll end up with dublin-v-fingal in a leinster final” and so on and the reply is “well, i can stomach that for a few years as we need to save football from dublin first”

IOW - yes, when we end up with three or four dublin teams in the super eights we’ll go back and split them even further.

This is why is it not possible to discuss this with them. When you describe what they are doing and their motives you get this “play the ball not the man” stuff which is rich from reading bitters tweets out of the blue against marty and des (neither of whom i can stand BTW) which are literally just that.


Brolly tearing shreds off a few. This tweet answers all the bullshit.


Said this before but its woth repeating ,the pug lover goes by the name tommy keegan on the kildare fans website, they have even called him out on hos lies and bullshit, he doesn’t post anymore there, lower than a snakes belly he is.


That ‘split Dublin along the Co Council’ line has actually been touted by some poor crathur from the kingdom on Hoganstand for months now, although it will probably lessen now that he will have homework to do in the evenings again. It does however prove the McKenna is a real journalist because he gets his ideas from Hoganstand as well as lurking here. (numerous sources and all that).


Jaysus lads…who gives a shit?

Don’t forget…more wins, more chins!


Joe Brolly is going to do an article over the next few weeks, he got stats and figures from the Dublin County board to do the article. In which I presume by his twitter comments is supporting that this Dublin’s team success is not down to money. Should be a good insight to how it all works and what money goes where.[


It’s ridiculous to question Dublin’s class is down to anything other than hard work, dedication and skill…there are some things money can’t buy.

While the resources will ensure Dublin stay at the top table with the right structures in place, the theory that Dublin will win the next 10 all Ireland’s is bullshit. I think ye May struggle when Cluxton retires fro example…he is that important.

You may be surprised but me and many Mayo people I know have a respect for Dublin. Probably because we have seen ye up close on so many occasions and gone to battle man on man in (for the most part) the right way the game should be played.


With alot the panel either working or studying in dublin and alot of mayo people living here they know the reality of whats going on in dublin gaa


And if Jim Gavin goes. That’s more important to me than cluxton


makes my life easier :joy:

Hey Joe,

as long as you remembers a few things

registered players does not equal all players
games development money goes to underage - over 70% of players stop at 21 level - therefore very little of that money can be going into the senior team
A school/club having access to a full time Games Development Officer/coach does not mean that school/club has a full time coach.