Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


They should do exactly what they are doing. Nothing.

It is absolutely astonishing that this person and his ilk are STILL being given attention.

He writes what he writes because people read and talk about it. Seems to me there’s a very easy solution here.


Agree . The idea has been planted in people’s mind . It doesn’t matter what argument we put up .They WANT to believe this idea because it gives them more of a reason to hate the team & diminish the victories. The only solution is full a statement of full disclosure from the DCB or the GAA themselves . Nothing from a dublin fan perspective will disway what he has written .
It has to come from the top IMO.


I think the Dubs should insist that Parnell Park is our home venue for all home matches from now on in football and hurling, in league and championship. Make a public statement to that effect. Fcuk the Spring series etc. Then sit back with some fava beans and nice Chianti while the rest of the GAA begs us to change our minds.


But he’s either right or he’s wrong Alan. At the minute no one seems to be able to put forward a clear argument as to why he’s wrong. This is not going to go away and unless nipped in the bud, it will have consequences for Dublin GAA. Ignoring it won’t solve it.
On the GPO point. The argument is that every Dublin club has at least one GPO that is semi funded by the DCB through funds they get from Croke Park while some counties only have 3 GPOs in total.
Is the reason for this because Dublin GAA put a funding proposal together to develop GAA in Dublin and Croke Park have prioritized this? Or is it because other counties just haven’t bothered putting together a proper proposal?
Or is it just purely a population point.
Someone surely can explain the GPO disparity and at least put that one to bed.


I agree the GAA have no obligation to answer every Tom , dick and Harry that choose to publish figures about how the organization is funding counties, but that does not mean there should not be transparency, I am not saying there isn’t, but like Rico says I am surprised nobody is really answering with facts and figures and I feel they would be if those facts and figures were available.


there are pros and cons to do it that, but plans are afoot.

depending on my mood/time available i veer between doing a detailed breakdown of his guff and ignoring it. This time last year I had plans to do proper research in Croke Park and with Sports Council Ireland. Croke Park were fine, no bother, SCI never even responded.

Alan does have a very valid point in the DCB ignoring him.

Why bother fueling the guy and his - if you count them - very very small band of online afficionardos. You wouldnt quarter fill the church end of PP with them, but the internet being what it is every post/voice looks equal to others even when they are far from it.

Sometimes I feel like going for it, but unllike Captain Pugwash that isnt my full time gig. I have a proper, full time, often stressful job and i indulge in GAA to get a break from it, not to dip into more aggro. what little time i have to my self is taken up in marathon training. I do have a couple of ideas in mind and there may be a nice Res Dubs counterstrike before years out, but you know it was July last year when I asked him to point out the “innaccuracies” in that post and I am still waiting.

TL:DR - as i have said loads of times, the powers that be know his argument is guff, so they ignore him. His “supporters” for some rerason do not seem to be actually members of the GAA - much like the man himself - or else they would be getting motions through clubs and counties into congress or at least into county boar/club agendas.

the point really is that both @jaden and myself - and others - have made the counterpoint often enough. the fact that gaa media (although i have been indirectly approached by a newspaper) choose to look away says it all. It is an agenda.


Some journo reading here ?!


Where can I see THAT POST


DCB don’t have to engage with him. But if he is shaping the narrative as if its fact, well there needs to be a counter argument. Ignore it fine, till it becomes an issues. Words like ‘financial doping’ sure I had that thrown at me by a 16 year meath fan on my road. McKenna is gaining traction. Crackpots will always get an audience. But as someone pointed out here, its either fact or not. But for someone like yourself who is very articulate and informed on this its a perfect time to challenge his guff.

On another note I would be very prepared to listen to his argument if he didn’t engage in the gutter journalism that has become his trademark when writing about Dublin GAA.


I found his use of the most base of expletives, repeatedly, directly following the end of the final last year to be quite upsetting. It put me right off my fifth day of celebratory pints. Not!


Well I was actually genuinely fuckign hopping mad when he liked a tweet that glorified Johnny Coopers knife attack. His mask certainly slipped. Its all Fien ignoring the fucker. But he deserves to be challenged. Prove him wrong. Make him look a crackpot, thats how you get at him, not ignoring him. He will always have an audience. But his bragging about how much he is demand will be negated if his bulshit is shown fir what it is.


I agree with you. I have never, never advocated ignoring the insidious stuff that has spread across the media like a nasty viral infection. But in this instance, I was indulging in a cheap laugh because this is also the very best time to do so


He’s lauded on the likes of OTB and Matt Cooper - both national stations with large audiences which automatically gives credence to his ‘views’. He gets kudos from them for stuff on doping, ergo he must be right about GAA funding as well. I’m sure his motion is well in train with his local GAA club - Belo Horizonte Slashers.


On the radio he portrays a reasoned viewpoint - it’s on twitter that the mask really slips and he can’t keep a lid on the bile.
Anyway, I’m off to watch a replay of the match again!


Would u mind reposting that counter argument… if only to have something in my back pocket when it’s brought up


One of the greatest Resser posts of all time.

Really hope Comrade @dubintipp has it saved somewhere.


Funny. If he’s getting so much traction, then why has nothing been done?

Pug fiddlers, OTB listeners and 16 year olds from Meath don’t run the GAA, for a very good reason.

These same eejits are calling for rules to make the sport more open and attacking so “Dublin can’t keep the ball”. I say Jim and the Dubs are drooling at the thought :slight_smile:


Strange they never called for rule changes when the Donegal guru Lucky Jim was single handedly trying his best to destroy the game as a spectacle with his eyesore philosophy


It’s on that thread



That’s me tolt so !