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I like that. I like the a lot.


Good piece of stevos performance on Sunday, almost flawless.


Seems to be a lot of talk this week about Dublin GAA funding. Can anyone here shed some proper light on it- are the “facts” as they’re presented in the independent article accurate? If so, can someone explain to give them context as they look pretty stark.
I’m aware that those writing are trying to demean Sunday’s victory but would also be interested to know the background. Do the gaa distribute funds based on population, number of clubs, number of players or by some other rationale?


Dont know the figures but I wonder how much it costs to run a club in Dublin compared to say with Donegal or Mayo, land, planning, building etc Very rarely if ever brought up in these articles


The short answer is no they are not. They have been disproven since a long time ago. If they were true then both the gaa and sports Ireland heads would be rolling because of those pesky things called oversight and accountability.

At the end of the day there is one crank with an agenda. When asked why none of the gaa journalists are with him you get tin foil hat conspiracy excuses. Same as why clubs and county boards don’t “do something!!!”

I’m sure met Eireann get pissed when that postman in Donegal or that spoofer Ken from new Zealand gets an airing well Ewan is the gaa version.


I have an uncle from Mayo, but living in Meath a mad Meath fan and huge Dub hater, he is forever posting Mc Kenna’s articles on facebook and I always defend the Dubs, but like Rico I would like to have some real facts to back my arguments up and disprove Mc Kenna’s.


If it’s so factually incorrect why can’t someone just pull him up on it once and for all. It’s after gathering serious traction this week.
Having to listen to it all week is frustrating but no one seems to be able to produce “alternative facts” to set the record straight.


What has the cost of running a club got to do with the county team though? Our club has to fund like hell to keep afloat.

We have to pay 7000 per year on the MacHale Park debt like every other club in this county. Club lotto is the bread and butter. Insurance costs have really spiraled in recent years


Apart from the MacHale park contribution, we are in the same boat here in Dublin. All clubs (apart from those with wealthy sugar daddies) I’d wager are the very same.


I am no expert on this but the funding Mc Kenna is on about is not all for the county team and I would imagine that the county board helps to fund certain projects such as buying land building club houses training facilities etc… Maybe I am totally wrong as I said I am not in the know.


The registered player figure seems to be his go to stat for everything . Its always the one he returns to shoot down any discussion .


I’m not aware of Dcb funding any capital projects in clubs. Never heard of them contributing to club houses,pitches etc for clubs. Nor should they IMO. That’s what sports capital grants and local fundraising are for. Same all over country (very rare exception where 1 club grounds could be county main ground).
Any funding he refers to would seem to be in realm of expense of running IC teams, PRO’s etc


Wait… PRO’s get funding???


I believe so…started in rugby schools and spread like wildfire and syphilis…AS for GPO’s …clean as a whistle


The only thing DCB usually gives clubs are affiliation and competition entry fees. Any projects or facilities built are done by the clubs themselves. Any sports capital grants they get have to be match 50/50 by clubs.

The GPO’s are part funded 50/50 by clubs, They are going into schools and getting kids down to academy’s and helping to recruit parents to bring on teams. It money very well spent in terms of recruitment because no matter how committed parents/coaches are the initial contact in the schools is vital.

In terms of senior team expenditure Dublin fund raise less and spend less on outside managers than any other top tier county.

Dont know the exact set up but as Dublin have no centre of excellence/training facility bar Parnell park I assume they rent/hire DCU, St davids Artane or places like Innisfails when needed.

In fairness to McGuinness and Horan on Sky sports they made reference to have professional Parnell Park was in terms of doing things. In reality if a few million was given to the likes of Kildare or Laois they would spend it on recruiting outside player and managers and well as helicopters and other guff,


The vast majority of this ‘funding’ goes on coaching. A plan was put forward to increase GAA participation in Dublin and was funded accordingly with match funding from clubs. It is development funding. It suits low life irrelevant click bait merchants to throw around top line figures etc and shout loudly but they have no idea about how things work much less any intention to educate their crass ignorance.


Someone here wrote a very detailed n factual article on the funding question some years ago so it would be great to see that again in facts n numbers … basically what is the counter argument to spewan ?

No doubt he has a serious issue with Dublin but as said above no one is pulling him up factually on it so would be really good to see the facts … anyone ?


Should Croke Park or Parnell Park not come out with the breakdown in expenditure, where the money goes and the rational behind this? Otherwise, he is going to keep floating the same line and be seen as some crusader against the injustices . Problem with Pugman is that people believe his drivel and will continue until it is debunked officially.


There is no point lads. He is making his career of it. But I will say the more we win the more traction he is getting. Eventually it will come to ahead. Once the likes of posh boy Cooper, off the ball, info give this idiot his platform he will keep going. What I would like to see is all of McKenna’s so called facts on funding listed and for DIT challenge it as a sticky / thread.


He has been pulled up all the time and has
the flaws pointed out ad nauseum,as senan connel might say,but he just repeats the same flawed mantra over and over again. When he has no more avenues to go in a debate on twitter he just ignores and stops replying to the debater and moves onto the next with the same mantra. But the telling part is no serious GAA person or serious journo takes anything he says seriously.A figure of fun at best and best ignored.