Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Don’t think anyone will be bothered if the yerras come out & say "this is the greatest minor team of all time ".
But pats legacy is becoming perilously close to been broken . Pat , what’s that behind you …
Its only a Dublin team going for five in a row . We need to stick the boot in big time next year .
Targets - 5 in a row and at least 8 titles with this team . I think pats head would explode with the thought of it .


Looking forward very very much to the trip down to Tralee for the league game :grinning:


I’d love someone to ask him if we can we honestly say a team has done four in a row when they never had to play an AI quarterfinal.


Actually pretty scary that to be fair.

They have prob had 3 seperate ‘teams’ across the 5 years


From a management point of view the fact that team has been changing makes Gavin’s achievement even better, to be able to bring in many players and keep winning. Often when the experts want to excuse a team for not winning they say ’ They are in transition’ Well are winning while in transition


Good teams are in perpetual transition now. Spillane was trying to suggest that Kerry had such a wonderful starting 15 that there was only one change in personnel on the 78- 82 team. The fact is that they had to win not much more than 3 games per year to retain the title. The Dubs have just gone 28 games unbeaten to win 4 in a row. No other county has ever done that. We have already smashed Kerry’s record. Yerra etc.


Maybe we should suggest to Spillane that if he got 4 medals for playing 15 games, we should get at least 7 for 28.


Agree, Tryone only had 7 of their 15 starters from 2003 in the 2008 final.


Id imagine the Kerry minor team has changed alot more than our seniors! :grinning:


No… only the birth certs.



:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


WTF is Bastick doing on that dickhead Woolies podcast. I listened to the 1st 5 minutes and gave up. All about Dublins advantages in terms of population, money etc… why do I put myself through this. I vow never to listen to that shite again…


Lovely counter trolling by Whelo :wink:


Denis is heading into the James Horan category for appearances in the media. He needs to inform himself a bit better regarding what he is appearing on & who he appears with. Legitimizing arseholes like Parkinson and the OTB gobsh1tes and their anti Dublin agenda / lies lies isn’t doing him or Dublin GAA any favours.


Thought he was in it for a handy 50 euro. Says nothing controversial at all despite Woolys best attempts at getting a rise out of him.


Relentless from Parkinson. Keeps throwing in the cute hoor disclaimers just to take the curse off it, then on and on and on he goes. “It’s so unfair!!” :sob:


Its not Dublin it’s the gaa sure Dublin would be mad not to take it.

I thought the prat had some sort of business qualification so you would think he would know about initial investment being one thing but then you need to match it with current expenditure.

At the same time he sees that the backbone of this team is the great minor/under 21 team from a few years ago which you know backs the cyclical argument. He further says “they’ll go on as they’ll pick up one or two each year” - what, like every other county?


Ya have to feel sorry for wooly. Average footballer and like the other gobshite teabag times both struggling to hang onto McKenna’s dangleberries as the understudy to the pug lover.


I’m sure geebag times will take time away from his iPhone and Twitter to draft that club motion that’ll bring all this down.

And pigs will fly.