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I’d hate to see a roof in Croker as it would mean the end of open air concerts.


Sound is fairly shit at those concerts unless you’re on the pitch to be fair


Think you missed the boat a bit in this one Bart!


Gaelic Football is really, really good and its critics will just have to deal with that


Alan Brogan on Woolys podcast today …duck & cover :fearful:


‘I’m already being written off’: Disciplinary issues won’t force Connolly to change his game


I do a nice line in nailing hands to wooden floors if you’re interested. I could do it for €150 for you seeing as you’re local.


Clip of Dermo on 6 one news earlier. All smiles. Thought Monaghan black was marginal but no qualms abt one in Kerry game.
Not planning to adjust his approach…go Dermo​:blue_heart::facepunch::blue_heart::blush:


Referee head McEnraney said earlier that Monaghan black was incorrect decision. Wonder if it’s too late for Dublin to appeal that one?


You can’t tame a beast like Dermo at this stage . We’ll just have to accept the sublime with the moments of madness .


Ex Referee head :wink:

Think they have three days from date of notification to appeal the decision.


You’re right!

Surprised it wasn’t appealed when it happened. Was never a black card.


90% of time Dermo is just out playing football and is tame - it’s all the lads hanging out of him not playing football that are the beasts




He had a very brief interview with McEntyre on OTB last night .


Parkinson is. A Self serving wanker


Sergio got Mayo’ed …


Saw this on Twitter , anybody have it , any reviews ?


Don’t know that one Unbelievable , it seems to be a picture book. I bought Gaelic Fields by Paul Carroll - he took photos of club games in every county and the results are stunning. Aran islands, Donegal etc. and Binn Eadair in Dublin. I think you can only buy it from his website.


Cian on OTB last night