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Any announcements of charity donations from Gooch’s testimonial?


Probably being written up in an anonymous letter as we speak…


Gotcha. As his mug was in the pic, I just presumed it was from his much ballyhooed about “charity” testimonial.


Ah come on! What trolling? He was just being cranky. If you get banned for that then we’re all done


Fcuking gym monkeys …


Porn isn’t allowed on here, Danny got banned for it


Outstanding article.


I see James Horan is the latest manager to come out and state he received hate mail during his tenure. (Didn’t post link, but it’s broke the Off The Boil internet this morning and yesterday)

Can we get a name for this campaign, something along the lines of #metoo I’m thinking.


Connolly nd Holmes received hate mail also.
Police were called in, they are looking for a guy called Aido with childish hand writing and another called Cillian who they believe was the one that used the colouring pencils.


No fan of Horan but that disgraceful he was getting hate mail. Won 4/4 Connacht titles and changed the mentality of Mayo football for the better.


Are they dusting for elbow prints?


Yep just goes to show, there’s animals everywhere, not just in Kerry!

I heard Jim Gavin’s been getting some too, cause he keeps leaving it too late to name a team!


For all our millions, our gym is a tent!


At least it’s in our home ground :wink:


More like #psmetoowhiletheirissympathybeenbandiedout :grin:*

*This user in no way condones hate, fake or love mail either be electronic or traditional methods be sent to any individual without their consent or with a view to tarnish or question their ability. Only a ■■■■ would do that.


I know it’s sort of irrelevant, but I am still amazed people send actual letters when electronic formats are so handy and fairly easy to make anonymous. As has been suggested, it might be an indicator as to the age profile involved. Younger people are venting their spleen on the twitter machine anyway I guess.

I wonder is it new, or did the guys from 20 or 30 years ago get similar stuff…

It’s shocking though - there are a lot of damaged people out there and they do harm.


Yeah I agree, and from the various managers testemonies it does seem like actual letters were posted. Crazy stuff. Surely some/most are traceable?

I remember Pat Mcenany talking about the amount of threatening letters and phone calls he got after the Mayo/Meath brawl back in the day. Doesn’t sound like the salt of the earth Mayo fans we’ve come to know recently!


I wonder did Gilroy get it after '09.
Youd imagine its the older generation sending the written letters , those not computer literate .
Also , some people prefer the personal touch of a letter . You can just delete an email straight away if you don’t know the person .But if its a letter , your probably more inclined to open it out of curiosity.


No angles ourselves here, Remember the clown spitting venom at Lyons as he walked down the tunnel, can also recall Mickey Whelan getting both barrels one Sunday walking off the Nell and Eamon Heery putting his arm around Whelan and giving the terrace boys the one fingered salute. Only difference is it wasn’t hidden behind a letter but abuse is abuse


Neither behaviour is nice but saying something to someone’s face is at least a bit more honest than hiding behind an anonymous letter. Anyway the fella who shouted and mickey whelan with eamon heary around was a brave man, would want a bit of pace to get any from him.