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Made all the funnier that is so obviously grates with you. Look forward to your next post on PROC licking up to the langers telling them how unfunny we are. woop woop.


Seems he’s not over last weekend yet. So he’s going to spend his time being tetchy on here instead. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He has A LOT to be tetchy about now in fairness. :rofl:


Oh really, judging by what you have posted here I’ll take it as a compliment


His point is… nah ■■■■ it not going to bother explain it to ya Danny the champion of the wum… sorry meant world.


Ooh! Best of luck pal going down that road with PD! :grinning:


Knock yourself out compadre. Compliments and Kerry football aren’t exactly going hand in hand these days.


Suspended till the 24th till he gets over Kerry’s flop in the super 8s.

Trolling is not an emotional crutch.


Ah god love him. His world is crashing and burning.


You have exiled Exiled???


Cue a bitchy post on PROC gan doubt. :expressionless:


He has no choice, he’s already used all the stamps left in the local post office.


Maybe he should send a stiffly worded letter tooooooooo… one of the Healy Rae’s? :rofl:


It sure did I even had a little sex wee in my pants

But what really made my day is how much it annoys you :kissing_heart:


Fenton or Kilkenny could still easily get it depending on what happens in the upcoming matches.


See we have our Friday morning comedy in Dublin.
PROC have their Friday morning hard-ons from the Viagra fumes.
And ye in KOTF land have well…loads of time on yerrah hands to pen letters etc…


Ah bless …


4200 smackers?

Out of a reported 250,000 yoyos, he gives the charadees less than 5 grand?

Even taking the organizers overheads into account, that is a daycint amount of coin he’s trousered.

Some operator 'wha?


The greatest operator of his generation or indeed any generation.


Eh, it wasn’t even from his own fundraiser at all at all - it was the proceeds of a raffle from another bash. Wonder how much of the 250K eventually did find it’s way to charity.