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Shane Ross is planning to hold the 2019 Wild Grouse Shooting finals there…


It is part of the bid and is in the final 12 and will surely make it - that is largely why it got Govt aid.

And what a spectacle we will have at RWC2023 as 25,000 neutral Munster fans turn up at Georgia v Romania … because they love rugby and are the best in the world …


It is. Will host one of the semi finals amongst other games if the bid is successful


David Norris will be there… he loves all things Georgian.


Have any Dublin team of any code worn this ?


Hopefully not it’s fucking shite Looking


Yeah its a bit weird all right :worried:, looking to get some new gear & saw it on the O’Neills website .




It’s a St Patrick’s Day thing. They try to flog puke green versions of all the county jersies.

I’m sure they’re wildly popular with 17 year old culchies on their first solo holiday to Spain :wink:



An awful looking jersey


You looking for gear there bud … :smirk:


Mad for it :joy:


For any Bowie fans - saw this today and thought it was good. Some body of work by the man …


While Leicester fans continue to ‘battle’ across Europe and heroically chant ‘Gibraltar is ours’ in Madrid, others have to deal with real and frightening events … Terrorists cannot win though … game must go ahead , €€€


Why was it “incredibly difficult to watch”? The hyperbole with media headlines these days is harder to watch.

It’s sometimes forgotten that “little Leicester” have had a serious hooligan element back in the day


I doubt it is possible from an engineering perspective, the span is huge. A GAA field must be one of the biggest in any sport in the world, I can only think of Aussie rules that would be bigger. But a GAA pitch with a roof would be a game changer. Hurling especially is a completely different (and lesser) game in bad weather.


It could be done. A GAA pitch is only about 10metres wider than soccer /rugby so you could span in that shorter direction, although the roof would be fairly deep. I can’t see the need for a roof over the pitch but as we all know by now, Croker’s roof is hopelessly inadequate for spectators in the front 30 or so rows.


The Ethihad Stadium in Melbourne has a roof. Not too sure what the dimensions are like in comparison to Croker.


I was asking about floidlights, not a roof. But thanks for that, regardless. :blush:

I’d imagine polo has the biggest playing field, more so than Aussie Rules. I think the best comparisons for hurling under a roof are the previosly mentioned Etihad Stadium in Melbourne (which has hosted cricket games) and Toronto Blue Jays baseball stadium which I believed has hosted hurling on an All-Stars trip?


Yeah, I knew that, I just phrased my comment spectacularly badly. It all made perfect sense in my head, honest!

I thought of that Toronto place with the roof, but I think they had to play that game with less per team because of a smaller field. But if it is possible, I do think a roof would be a game changer.