Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Still all in all id much prefer a Celtic cross! I’m not a betting man but I might look at the odds on Clifford for POTY and YPOTY.

Howard as well.


i don’t think Clifford will get POTY either, but there is definitely a concerted campaign in the media for him to be recognised as YPOTY already, which is a bit of an insult to the young players involved with all four semi finalists, not just Dublin.


100% true. Clifford is the Rolls Royce but the excellent Howard has a real chance here in this category.

Clifford won’t win Player of the Year. It won’t stop some people talking about it or complaining about something that won’t happen.

For me Player of Year choices are McManus, Fenton or Kilkenny. Haven’t seen enough of Tyrone to judge yet whereas for Galway it’s been all about the collective.


Not a hope Jolly Junior Footballer


Actually it’s jubilant jackeen footballer.


Ah Danny fair fucks to ya for showing yer face! Clifford has Joe’s blessing and that’s worth it’s weight in gold. But in all fairness Fenton worth a real punt.


Who gives a c**t?


I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I do. But I dont. I only care about 1 thing maybe two things but 4 in row is number 1.


Couldn’t careless who is being touted as POTY now , semi final and final still have to be played.
Then to tell the truth I could careless who gets it either.
Dublin team winning is all that matters.


Eamonn ‘Fitzy’ for POTUS!

If Comer has a great semi-final he will be nominated for POTY


I think if Clifford has a good semi final and final then he’s a certainty for POTY.

Oh wait Kerry have been knocked out and the poor chap is on his holidays


Hilariously original


I agree, wholeheartedly and not sarcastically.


Indeed I see that Parish got a few likes for his Friday morning comedy attempt. I’m sure that made his day.


You do understand that this is a Dublin fan’s forum … yeah?


And your point is?


How things have changed for the eagle poiseners when getting things like likes on a Website and POTY awards are so important.:rofl:

The Kerry media cartel will ensure Clifford is in the running POTY, YPOTY, an all start. Jaysus If it wasn’t for the age restrictions he would be taking up residency In the park soon.


That you are bound to come across that acerbic Dublin wit - even in the morning. They are absolute divils here for the puns and poking fun at the opposition etc when they are not writing complimentary letters to Jim Gavin.


Likes on a website? POTY? Do try and keep up.


You’re not exactly doing a brilliant job wowing us with the brilliance of your intellect there cool cat danny pat.