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Who else is in the reckoning ?


Well billy the goat that works as a barman was campaigning for ■■■. That dream is over. It’s been a while since a kerrymen was POTY. Think of the wood hitting from Marty the wonderful speech from it must be said when young clifford is crowned the big one. It will be beautiful.


Well , the awards are a sham at this stage , so anything is possible . Said before , but Howard would have to have two pretty good games & maybe even score the winning point in the final to get it.Joking aside , Clifford could nearly get both awards .
I think Howard should get YPOTY but we all know how these things work these days .


It’s just a populist thing now since it went to a players vote. It’s the X factor for footballers / hurlers and devalued because of it.


He was saying he should be in the pod today.
Also how Tyrone can stop Dublin.
Not one question to him about how Kerry were supposed to do that…


I would say anyone left of the remaining 4 teams. Two massive games left for 2 of them. That’s when POTY etc should be decided.


I guess he’ll have to console himself with (another) Celtic Cross.

Poor lad, he’ll be gutted…


What exactly was the reasoning for allowing the players to vote .What year did that come in .
From the times two years ago
“It’s hard to argue with the selection of any player decided by the players themselves.”
It is in me bollix.


I think the GPA had a parallel one for a while, so they combined the two.

The problem with a vote like that is that no one is responsible, so any strange decision could be made. With the old system they had to be half way sensible because they knew they would be held to account for crazy stuff.

Now we have guys voting who actually might not have seen any other games other then the ones they played in.


A popularity contest pure and simple. A pity.


It’s the journo picks that are a load of bo**ox. They do their best to down the Dubs.


The Clifford campaign for POTY is well and truly underway on social media.


The journos picks tend to be a bit more balanced i feel. They will at least nominate a Dublin player, although if there is any half decent alternative (in their minds) such as Clarke, they will opt for them. The player of the year vote on the other hand has become a nonsense at this stage because so many of the players are obviously voting anti Dub rather than pro anyone else. I think it’s quiet possible a Dublin player might never win it again unless only Dubs get nominated for POTY some year.


But sure they have to nominate them - they are invariably the best players in their position. But as you say they will then do anything to give it to someone else - that’s exactly the point Woger - so I don’t see how that is in any way balanced at all.


Strong possibility . Remember when Berno got in '10. That was actually great for us & a rare thing at the time , they literally had to give it to him because he was so good that year.
It will take alot for us to get another i think .


Alan B got it in 11, MDMA got it in 13 and Jack got it in 15. But they reneged on their once every 2 year deal to give it to Andy …


Can’t see any Dublin player getting poty. It will almost definitely go to Clifford.


If he does it would be the final nail in a coffin with a lot of nails already in. That said he will probably get it and YPOTY too. Whatever about the likes of Matty Forde, Declan Browne and other guys dragging their teams along with their exploits, but to see a Kerry man given the accolade having not even made the semi final would actually be ironic, quite farcical and an indictment of the state of football in the county.


Not a hope Clifford will get POTY. None.

He’s rightly in the running for YPOTY as on balance he probably has been the best young player this year.

Don’t know why some of you are getting so worked up by it. He had a fantastic year and is deservedly being mentioned as a candidate for YPOTY with Howard being his nearest rival.


You would appear to be getting more worked up about it than anyone …