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I get the impression the real anger in Kerry is not so much because of their failings in this years championship, they seemed to accept they would not stop the four in a row, but more so because they believed that in the background, work was in progress to put a stop to the Dubs drive for five. Now they know there is no basis for that. Reckon the level of anger and vitriol is nothing in comparison to what is coming down the road unfortunately.


All is not well in the kingdom , just when it all looked so rosy :smirk:


Jesus all that is missing is a “liberal elites” and it’s full-on trumpian


Do yourself a favour and listen to last nights Terrace Talk. I only lasted about 20 minutes before I had to give up, but starting out the show reading out a letter sent in from a priest, was comedy gold that even Fr Ted would find hard to top. :rofl:


Do you have a link to that PD?





Really? We haven’t won 4 yet


I doubt that detail has been overlooked. I presume it’s under the understanding that it might possibly take a new manager more than a year to build an all Ireland winning team.


It must of took the catch and kick merchant hours to write that letter.


is there any ex Kerry player who doesn’t have their mouth all over some article or interview this week ?

Christ all mighty Newstalk had Dara o Cinneide on last night and they couldn’t even get a mobile signal for half the interview

It doesn’t do Kerry any good . Thankfully, we stay out of the limelight


What was even funnier, was 2FM’s Game On having Tomas on last night to talk about the semi finals. Yet all he did was talk about Kerry and poor put upon Eamon too. (Qu’elle surpreeze. :roll_eyes:)

And before he came on, they read out a text from a listener giving out about Monday’s show being all about Kerry too. Magic ! :joy:


ah c’mon the Nation is mourning. The second proper coming of the Christ Clifford didn’t get a chance to amaze us all in the final. Grown men are crying and not just in Kerry.


offtheball hardly even bother reporting on our matches or mentioning us in their analysis of super 8s .its great.


If there’s any justice at all Clifford will get POTY.


And ypoty. And mvk of the year.


And Irish Sportsperson of the Year… although he’ll have stiff competition from the hockey goalie who allowed 6 goals in her last game.


Forget about that. I’ll harbour a guess they will name in the all Star team along with David clarke and possibly AOS.


Fitzmaurice didn’t sound too bothered on OTBam .Id say hes happy with the break & the pressure off . He’s gone fishing , just like the rest of Kerry :grin:


Brolly in the Indo saying Clifford could easily be POTY. Stops short of saying he should be, but you can see the campaign is well down the tracks.