Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


What he did was indefensible. And anyone trying to defend it has no business in the GAA.


I need to lie down.

I agree 100%


I don’t think there’s any question that the chap will receive a deserved and lengthy ban. Why anyone goes on a Mayo blog in the first place baffles me but to be then surprised at people there defending their player??

I really dislike the Dermo got this ban , so and so got that ban stuff. It just makes people exactly like Spillane and co.


What I’d like to know here is that there is an insinuatuon that he was provoked into choking the Kildare player . But the ref , that’s awhole different story .
And in defense of the lad , two examples were produced involved ourselves when defending it .
That’s the defence , we’ve done the same .
Somebody even tried to make out that Connolly was the aggresor in the sending off of him & Keegan .
So even when a mayo lad is pretty much caught by the bollix , they’ll offer up another example to defend it .
Nobody here defended what Connolly did last year . We were bloody angry about it but it was nothing compared to what happened yesterday .
And they have neck to put some sort of spin on it .
Its beyond laughable . We have Keegan , the O’Connor bros & Andy Moran incidents & on each & every occasion they brushed it off . But anything Connolly is accused of , they throw the book at it .
They’re some shower all the same .


Well!!! I have said before I like to go for insider info which is why Willie Joe banned all such talk!

Tbh I went expecting histrionics and that’s what I found. Given that they have a very low view of this pernassus of a site (and must read it to form it) I take any opportunity to reply in kind.


I hope the other Dad didn’t stand on your toes during the slow set.


Had to look up Pernassus👍


Volume 4? Me hole. Volume 16 is the classic.


Willie Mothers McPride was the stand-out tune I felt. Sliced right through the filler stuff that it was sandwiched between.


I’m on record here that the DC ban was crazy. Plenty of Dublin fans online brining this up but how long do we have to hear the “sure what about Diarnuid” argument?

People saying Flynn should be banned from a football field for life or face criminal charges!!!

If that’s the case should DC be in jail for an incident off the field? People really need to cop on. Flynn WILL receive a lengthy ban and rightly so for his actions…I just hope he stays in the game


Yeah well that sort of over reaction is just stupid and us just another side of the same coin.


Nobody here wanted or said anything of that nature here regarding Flynn.
But again , im not surprised Mayo folk bringing up Connolly when this has absolutely nothing to do with him .
The point is some of ye brought up DC at the weekend when trying to justify what Flynn did .
There is no comparison & its more along the lines of what Paul Galvin did .
And more to the point they didn’t want Flynn getting slated online yet these same folk had no problem going to town on Connolly at the time .
Double standards of the highest order .


Nobody here but plenty of Dublin fans on social media have lost the plot over it calling he lad all sorts…now similar was said to Connolly and I dunno if that’s what drove him to America (the constant criticism) but who knows how a young lad will take such harsh commentary.

Fans are fickle and vicious in all county’s and colors and are viewing things only one way.

PS - I know ye don’t like the Mayo blog (which is why I can’t understand why many here read it) but by my count most there have said a ban is deserving so it’s kind of skewing the Mayo core when someone here posts that we are all defending the lad in regards to punishment…true. Few are but the majority aren’t


Did i say all , no , i didn’t .
But what’s very clear here is using Connolly as deflection for what happened at the weekend.
And furthermore , having the neck to tell people not to be talking about the incident online , when I’d say a heavy chunk of that same lark came from Mayo people baying for Connollys head on a stick .
Anyway , I’m out on this :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:


The Issue is not what was done, or what sanction will be handed out. None of us are in control of these things. A disciplinary process exists to handle these things.

The problem here is that the Public at large, driven by social media and a couple of prize tulip commentators, have acted as Judge, Jury, executioner, and the baying mob that shows up outside the courthouse.

This will follow him around like a bad smell for at least some of his playing career. Opposing players will target him, referees will be wary of him. His card has been marked.

He’s just the latest in a line of players who have been swallowed up by the precedent that it’s OK to take a big steamy shyte on an Amateur player. Vilification is now the norm.

He’ll be far from the last, and we are all collectively to blame.


@Unbelievable & @mayoman : you two should meet for a pint. A Gah version of East meets West type detente, Nixon and Brezhnev etc.


More like Trump v Kim…not sure which one I am yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Whichever one of you has the biggest arse and the most overly Botoxed face, can be Kim. :wink:


But to know which of them has the biggest arse, someone is going to have to examine both of their arses, closely. Sounds like a job for Dub Oh Nine.


Fitzmaurice to go even more indepth tomorrow morning regarding the hate his players received .