Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Hell have some job trying to appeal that , if it even goes that far .


Christ almighty I’m sure the lad is mortified. Fcuking amazed at the amount of 20 year olds on this thread that never did anything stupid they regretted.


The lad needs a lengthy ban.
He also needs help. He’ll find it difficult to cope with life’s ups and downs otherwise. I hope he gets help.
Good to see one or two of his teammates recognising the situation quickly and stopping him from causing further damage to others or himself.


Methinks you are missing the point just a tad Compadre.

The point of my original post - and a lot of the comments after it - was the complete lack of outrage in the media, when a Mayo player transgresses, compared to when a Dublin player does. The double standard is sickening,

No one is saying (or implying) that they were all angels when they were 20.


Agree. Mayo players seems to have diplomatic immunity from the media.


And also pointing out the rank hyprocracy of mayo supporters in twitter and elsewhere who were throwing the book at Connolly a year ago. There’s lads in hogan stand sayin it is the inconstancy of referees (in general, mind, not just the ref yesterday) who are to blame for this lads bother.


Donkey’s swinging elbow the other week was because “he couldn’t trust the ref to do the right thing”. People just want to make up the rules to suit themselves.


Yeah the fact is all the ■■■■■ that wanted their pound of flesh off Connolly got it. Anyone else that commits the same offence especially mayo players it’s ah Shure… Poty commits a worse offence than Connolly ah Shure… u20 mayo player nearly flattens the ref ah Shure… The double standards and the crusades from the likes of cabbage and all his teabagging friends would leave ya scratching yer head


They are too nice to be judged .


Yeah but I’d rather not stoop to that sh1te - that’s all.

But Spillane is some boy to slaughter people on the national airwaves. Dermo last year, EF this …


And the thing is, if Galway had managed to beat Monaghan and Kerry had scraped through, Spillane would be championing Kerry saying that they would no doubt improve from here on and that they will “put it up to Da Dubs, Dessie”.


We all stand up for our own. Talking to one of his team mates last night and the lad is in a bad way.

His actions were unacceptable and he will rightly receive a very long ban. But some of the stuff being said about him online is also unacceptable.


That’s fine & dandy , but let’s not sweep what was said about DC under the carpet here . You can’t on hand completely pillor Connolly & then on the other hand take it is easy on Jordan .And that teacher was a perfect example of this when he was pulled up on his previous comments about Connolly.
Hypocracy , plain & simple .


MAll sorts of excuses on the mayo blog. Worse than excuses - lot of “if he was eye gouged” “what was said to him” “if he was spat at” stuff.

Well, if you’re gonna call your players bucks for years on end and act like over protective mammies every time they enter the field don’t be too shocked if this sort of thing happens.

Edit - there had never been a post like the following on this fine site

“Critisising Mayo player Jordon Flynn for his action leading to his red card is so hypocritical. Mayo supporters on this forum have been obsessed with poor refeering decisions over recent years. However in true GAA style nobody is expected to do anything about it – so thank you Mr Flynn for shining a light, as its unacceptable that referees can do what they want with impunity. Lets hope it becomes a ‘Miller /Newbridge’ event, where closing ranks doesnt cut it anymore. Mr Flynn, by his action, has spoken for me and hopefully for put-upon Mayo teams.of the past decade.”


That’s the Mayoblog. Not players, management, refs, parents, disciplinary committees or anyone who matters.


It’s a good example of what I have seen on gaa boards, twitter, hogan stand. The joys of being on holidays with not much to do so that’s what I am seeing online


You’re reading that bollox on your holliers?

Surely there’s better things to do like torment the kids or listen to Now Thats What I Call 'Ra Tunes Volume 4 at the local Irish pub? :grin:


Ah it’s a family holiday so there’s not much of that but I’m happy out.

I did finish third in the dad dancing competition tbf


Funny how when it’s another counties player involved, Mayo keyboard warriors don’t seem to care about “the young lads” mental health, or about the abuse he is getting online. They are much too busy putting the boot in themselves.

Case in point, the Kerry lad that was absolutely crucified during the league. Yet when the Flying Elbow Twins from Ballintubber saw red, it’s all “he’ll be disappointed himself” for his “moment of madness” that he’ll be “sure to regret in the morning” along with my favourite “sure, nobody died”. Along with lots of tut tutting over the abuse he is getting online. Hypocrisy of the highest order !

But when it’s another counties player in the firing line, it’s open season. Am by no means pointing the finger at you personally @mayoman , but fair is fair now…


Some prized weapons over on the Mayo blog .
Im actually glad they’re trying to defend him , proves what i had long suspected about them .