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Joe getting a taste of joe



Nice to see our Mayo chums blithely describe this as “the lad will be disappointed in himself.”

Imagine if one of our lot did this? It would break the internet. :roll_eyes:


To me that’s borderline for a full year suspension. Deplorable behaviour.


Thats a lad with issues who shouldn’t be let near a football pitch.


It happen , it did break the internet


That’s an absolute disgrace. There won’t be a media outrage over it though because of who he doesn’t play for :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


And mayo folk saying " shure leave him off & don’t be abusing him online "

The irony of this


And “Sure he’s only a kid” he’s a least 18 I’d imagine ffs he’s not a kid


This is an absolute beauty


Lost the plot all right, kind of behavior that would make a senior county manager take a look and say no thanks pal.

Minor physical interference is 12 weeks, that would be striking an official after being dismissed. May decide to throw the book at him and make a bit of an example.


The Mayo conspiracy theorists are out in force. Saying

  • the Kildare lad spat at him intentionally, which kicked off the whole melee.
  • the Kildare lad took out his mouthpiece to get some quality mouthing off done & that’s where the spittle came from
  • ref had it coming for not reacting to the above appropriately.

Jesus wept !


Guess where hes from.


Someone tweeted this to him


Hardly surprising .


It’s a fair shove following some aggressive finger pointing and a red card. I’d certainly give him a year and let him take his chances at a hearing.

He’s an adult. End of story.I’d give young lads a wide leeway up to 18 but after that it’s time to put away childish things. That was an outrageous thing to do to the ref.


Saw that one. Almost choked laughing at the neck of it.


Not a fucking word out of red face. Disgusting. The double standards in rte is outrageous. Second mayo player this year to touch / push an official.


No question if it was a Dub he be hung out to dry all over Twitter & if you even mentioned that he was only young & stupid , you’d have an avalanche of people saying that’s no excuse .
The hypocracy when it comes to Mayo knows no bounds .Sure Andy didn’t mean anything either , he’s a lovely guy & it was out of character …


Wouldn’t mind but I think RTÉ got the reason for his red wrong. The ref had just given Kildare a free and he ran up and barged into the ref, then the altercation with the Kildare player happened. Everyone around me assumed the red was for the first time he hit the ref, not for the altercation with the Kildare player.