Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Might need a culture change just as much as a change of players.


Seems you may be in need of a Fisherman’s friend to suck on.


Culture is good but fresh faces needed…no player should be undropable…hopefully our u20s win Sunday and I think there are 2/3 lads there can make the step up as early as next season


You looking in da mirror there Jaden? :wink:


We are all looking in that mirror, my Yew Plain friend.


Are you telling him to make the change?


For once in your life…


I Wonder about you sometimes…


Had the album


I see teabagging times was having a go at us ressers on pug life twitter account (regarding Eamom Fitz).


I’ve been nothing but complimentary to Eamon Fitz. I hope he stays on.


So do I. Doing a great job.


Yep. Best man for the job by a mile


Kerryman Of The Year winner for me.

This year and every year.


The greatest Kerry manager of his generation or indeed any generation.


Indeed. Better than Paidi and Micko and yet unlike either he doesn’t have a statue dedicated to him down there.


Charlie Chaplin - another clown - does in Waterville. Does that count?


up there with all the greats, Jason ryan , horan, mcgeaney Rochford, etc, legends, please God he’ll stay


I think there must be some reverse sort of IQ test before you can post on their comment section. As Tayro says, all news sites have idiotic comment sections, but The Journal / 42 takes the biscuit.


Not sure if it’s posted yet, but this is a brilliant listen:

Whelo of the mighty white gloves interviews Curraner of the rolls Royce footballers club. A really good listen