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So Eamon Fennell has his own podcast.

“Good man Eamo” sez I. “About time one of our own got in on this podcast lark”. (Even if he is a Vincent’s man. :wink:)

Then I saw who else was on

David ‘Dude, wheres my car’ Brady.


Could they not find a bigger eegit?


Is Eamon still selling shoes these days ?


Think he’s in the booze trade these days.

#7357, as started by opinionated megalomaniac Niall Harbo Harbison…

Good luck to that…


Think I read somewhere he has sold his share in that & moved on.


Not a fan ?
Who is Harbo when he’s at home .


One of these new fangled blogger types, who then set up his own website, that branched out into other areas. Think the original blog/site was called Lovin’ Dublin & it was about the food & drink scene in Dublin primarily. I stopped following it/him when it became too cluttered with sponsor tie ins & paid corporate “opinion” pieces.


That he did, still wouldn’t make me read the shite on it


Well if you ever decide to “monetize your brand” you know where to go for advice.

And if we ever see a taxi wrapped in the latest Slayer/Anthrax/Iron Maiden album cover, we’ll know you’ve sold out. :wink:


As per industry regulations, advertising of that sort is banned so won’t be doing that :wink:


He’s a looper. Think I said it before but I met him in Paris at the Champions League Final when Barca beat Arsenal. He’s a massive gooner. Named his daughter (I hope) Lauren after the lad from Cameroon that played right full. Was in an Irish bar after game. Drinking blue WKD a la (small bit of French I picked up) Clucko I swear to god. Still have photos of the night somewhere in the house. It’s amazing where drink takes you when you’re a younger fella.


Shure we all remember the 90s into the early 00s - “the Munster Hurling Championship is the greatest sporting spectacle the world over.” Never prone to the occasional tad of hyperbole them Guardians of the Heart & Soul of our Nation lot are they?


Is there somebody somewhere who thinks that utter tools like David Brady and Daithi Regan are worth listening to? Jesus wept.



Loads of room on the outside of yer jammer for ads!! don’t be minding them rules



Doesn’t say if it’s Fenton or Howard …



Interesting few comments with Drake’s older brother (it seems,) commentating in his defence. Didnt know drake and Andy Moran where brother in law’s. If only willie Joe’s totitarian powers of moderation extended to the 42… There would be peace in our times…


Really scraping the bottom of the barrel by reading the sub human commmeta in Thejournal/42…they reckon Mayo need 15 new players…the clowns who commmet there really are idiots


Show me a forum where that is not the case.


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