Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Do you actually think I read my posts :grinning:


That McLoughlin for Mayo is a pest. Spends most games blocking opposition players and when he gets touched falls to the ground. Getting with this stuff for years.


“While football looks at itself in the mirror every morning and hates what it sees, hurling just smiles, give itself a wink and strides off to greet the day knowing everything is just perfect”

That’s some problem to have alright :unamused:


For the best game in the world it’s awfully insecure in itself.


Getting abit cringy at this stage.


“Are we too good???”

Biggest pile of wank I’ve seen in ages.


only insecure things have to big themselves up all the time. Munster fans. irish soccer fans. Hurling fans etc.




A new career beckons for AOS!!!


Sorry Garth - but you’ve as much chance of playing in Croker as Aido and the boys. :smirk:


His twitter presence will explode. I can see presenting a kids shows on TV3 or doing Love Island or something.


there is a debate that the ball is too light, but maybe its just that players are fitter and faster.


I had heard before that there are two different brands of slitor . Going back to some story about Donal Og Cussack throwing out a different slitor he had in his bag once to an opposing forward about to take a penalty . Harder to get a proper strike on it or something .


They mystery is finally solved … it’s no wonder they’re biased, inaccurate and only after clicks… it’s the way they’ve been thought!


Sure for the likes of Spewen and Wooly it was collect 10 crisp packets to become a journalist. :wink:


But we know now it is not their fault … there’s an explanation for the shite they produce. It’s only right they get a refund also.


Wish he’d just stay out of the limelight a bit…


He only does that when he’s playing decent teams … :grin:


It’s alright, Rochford sticking around means he is undroppable…


Must not laugh…must not laugh…must not laugh…:zipper_mouth_face: