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Dublin were 5 down against Kerry in 1977, winning by late goals. Not only a great comeback, but also one of the great games.


V cork 2014 league semi final . About 9 down at one stage early in 2nd half and Dublin won by 7 I think.


Good calls. 5 down Vs Cork late in the 83 All-I semi-final as well. That League semi is virtually forgotten already but was one of the most incredible turnarounds I’ve ever seen.


Was a great performance from 40 mins on . Featured a collectors item , a MDMA goal off his boot.


Against Mayo in a league game about 5 years ago in Croker . It was a high scoring game with lots of goals but I’m not sure who made the comeback ourselves or Mayo ?


Dublin came from 6 points down with 14 men with a couple of late goals.


O’Byrne Cup Final Vs Longford 2008. The Lillies and Meath crowd especially should appreciate that!

A national league game in Donegal in early 1992, we got two late goals to rob them. I’ll never forget it because they beat us in the All-I that year and it was one of the things that helped with the massive ‘C’-on we had in the lead up to the final



I can see a few ministers changing their plans :open_mouth:


Mayo made the comeback, but we held on. Connolly got three goals (not sure it’s the same game, it was 2010 or ‘11 I think)


There was a game where we came back with late goals and got a draw a few years back, maybe 4 or 5.


As if 11 year old me wasn’t in love with Jayo enough by then…

  1. Cluxton got sent off. O’Gara got equaliser in last minute.


Only four of that starting team started against Tyrone last week, the team has changed a good bit.

S Currie that came on - who is he? I can only think of Currie the goalie.


He came in for Brady when Cluxton got sent off and went in goal …

I really worry about you sometimes @Wifi


there were still mayo people crowing over that last year. that was their all ireland.


I worry about me too! But I didn’t actually read the report re the sending off - so I’ll give myself a break on this one!!


OMG. Curran is nuts mind.


Fair point, but then his season runs forever


It’s quoted in your post :flushed::joy::joy::joy: