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Kildare ?


Didn’t ask tbh but I’d say so , they weren’t wearing any colours.


Cloven hooves a giveaway?


Probably Galway hurling fans . Only Tipperary hurling fans beat them for being smug arseholes. The Div 2 final was like another sport in comparison to the div 1 final


Fogarty / Mahony?


I hope Jamie has no daughters … cause they’ll end up single … :joy::joy::joy:


Stade de Frank nearing completion - 2-3 months to go


Looks impressive enough … bar the second hand corrugated on the near side …


Yeah the roof looks like the Co board recycled the old one . Or bought it off a fella who delivered it in a hiace


It’s probably asbestos … :scream:


Looks good. Be some atmosphere for the All-I semifinal replay against Kerry after we come through the qualifiers


I hear they have made the corridor to the dressing rooms extra wide so that Shiels can avoid Philly …


Looks very good, nothing wrong with recycling the roof sheeting. Will it be used much, a Munster final every 2nd year or so plus what? Pairc uiRinn is fine for league games.
Anyone know where the lights are going, on the roof or stanchions?


Looking well :+1:


Bah … bet you never watch Room to Improve …


Is it getting lights? Does it need them?


Yes I’ve just seen a virtual video of it and there’s very smart looking lights on pylons (couldn’t upload it)


They were just Subbuteo ones they were using to get the grant.


Pile on the pressure.

Is this stadium part of the RWC Bid for 2023?


Passed by it the other day, looks well to be fair. i wonder will they manage to fill it more than once a year if even that.

Must say for league matches Pairc ui Rinn is a much better atmosphere.