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While we’re at it …


Do posts on the Mayo Blog have to be approved before you can post them?

Just asking like…:innocent:


Go for it … :grin:


Do it :+1:


Well its definitely big enough for Aidos ego…


I can see why they won it, poor aul COC dropped, in the crowd at bottom left there…



I’d be talking to that Paddy OConnor Garda chap about then breathalysers , that number looks very suspicious . And 2 lines for €5 ? More good thinking from the Gardee


Listened to RTÉ radio 1 whilst in car waiting to pick up eldest . You would be more up to date reading here and the various twitter feeds and SKY score centres than listening to that . Very very slow on reports and results and updates


When you think of the smart Alec brigade out there imagine if Heffo was around. I doubt he’d give any of them 10 seconds of his time. Do you think Heffo would have sat in a chair to be interviewed by the likes of the yoke from Laois. They’re probably lucky he’s not around!


Looks like our lads aren’t the only one getting motors :thinking:


I think the Mayo lads are only allowed drive them around the forecourt of the garage but not including weekends.


Saw two Mayo players with their free sponsored cars over the past week in Dublin. One was texting while driving on the Beaumont Road, oops


That’s a lie . . . Do you expect me to believe any Mayo footballer can multi task !!!


Aidan O’Shea can rub his stomach and pat his head at the same time for Mammy, as long as Seamus isn’t watching!


I see a very good friend of Ressers was tweeting under the influence and then deleted but not before people were able to re-tweet. He admitted drunken posting.

Tweeting while gargled … not hugely clever if you’re a smart arse pontificating know all … there goes any wee bit of credibility …


They had a wee bit of credibility left?

Rules out Ewan McKenna so.


Bernard Flynn so?


Brazilian beer was the problem …


Could be worse , I had two non Kerry supporters sit behind us who I chatted with after the game . The wife asks are they from Kerry , they say no , just wanted to hang around to see if we would lose …