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Yes we all feel for Kerry loosing all those finals…it’s not like they are picked up an odd one here or there


Kerry sympathy is only for the natives. Never feel hard done by, you would never swap your jersey for a kerry one.


i always am of the opinion that if our hurlers lost as many finals this decade as mayo footballers this place would make willie joes blog look calm and colelcted by comparison.

its not the 9, its that all nine have happened so recently.


I always enter the hurling thread with trepidation, but their polar opposites in terms of forum in so far as that our hurling supporters rightly look internally for their situation while the other (wjb) focus externally for blame.


i read on a forum elsewhere that he isnt going to the WC. poor bitter. on that forum they ahve a much nicer insult

“the bell end from belo horizonte”

Are we even slightly surprised that we can add hypocrisy to that little fucking weirdo’s catalogue of character flaws?

this was in reference to his constant “calling out” of lack of integrity by jounalists when he is always on today fm/newstalk who have blacklisted IT journalists.

and some think we give him a hard time :rofl:


What forum is that ?


F365, its closed to the public. I’d say im not the only resser on there.


so you’re not public then eh …


Oh that’s a soccer forum ?


Hmmmmm. I’ll be killed here for this but the hurling forum is extremely defeatist, much more so than Mayo football. I can understand that 100% but diehard hurling fans here could do with an injection of Mayonnaise.


Hell man… No.


Ah, they were our salad days…


It’s a lot more positive since Bart left.


Come on … admit it we all miss Bart …


Like a boil on my bell end!


Will ya stop … its nearly feckin tea time …


MARN at its most imcompitent

Apparently Costello came off the bench against Longford. Dublin don’t have great forward depth and Ger Gilroy thinks Michael Murphy is one of the 3 greatest footballers off all time LMAO

Also no Con O’Callaghan or David Clifford in any of their top 10 and Kilkenny not n the Meath man’s top 10.

I would listen to around 23 minute mark. Its some of the most assanine logic I’ve ever heard on Kilkenny.


No thanks… If that’s from offmyballbag them ■■■■■ and gru gilroy can take any of their perceived power rankings and give themselves a reach a round with it.


Hi there Off the Ball and other assorted social media geebags.

Here’s a power ranking for you. Feel free to employ your only journalistic talent and copy the following…



Doubles it’s length?