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Plot twist… it was Cillian who damaged his knee in the first place :joy::joy:

Only joking fair play to him


That’s not my fault or any decent mayo fan…it’s probably a narrative that’s repeated in many sports where the serial loser comes up against the serial winner…the media and general public will always root for the underdog. In fairness I don’t know if there is a team in any sport with out record…I hope it ends one day and the media can move on to another lost cause…Kildare maybe


This is clearly a lie, you don’t have any mates.


There’s lost causes and then there’s Kildare @mayoman


Is it because a lot of Mayo people settle in Kildare … just asking … :wink:


The Buffalo Bills lost 4 Super bowls in a row.
Last won a title 53 years ago.


True but we have lost 9 finals since 89.


I did a second by second one in the match thread a few days later.

The player of the week is decided by social media and the Mayo mommies are very active there, even the portlaoise prat was saying it was a joke award because no other county support takes it seriously.


LA Lakers lost 8 & won 1 between 1962 & 73

62, 63, 65, 66, 68, 69, 70, 72*, 73



I thought it was a lot more … :smirk:


Have you tried looking in under the couch? I loose a load of stuff down there.


There was no need to give him a jersey, I have been to Crumlin Hospital many times and there is shortage of Jax roll :wink:



Yis are consistent, I’ll give you that.


I hope he gave it straight back . . . Think of the poor kid being slagged in school. Why wasn’t Clucko or Fenton there !!!


Over a 100 year period kerry lost 19 finals, Galway lost 13, mayo lost 12, Dublin lost 13 and Cork lost 12.


Yes. And people slag the likes of Fermanagh and Wicklow yet they have no such losing records.


Sorry Dubintipp, I’ll take a wee look, no doubt you have done a good job on it. I;d say Cabbage was al ears on the twitter machine to view and rescind some of the shite he has written about it since.


I’m not slagging Wicklow or Fermanagh just pissed mayoman thinks their unlucky losing 9 finals in 30years, that’s a pin prick compared to how us Dubs feel knowing we should be doing 8 in a row this year instead of 4.


Ah ■■■■ it, did you have to remind me before going to bed? Won’t sleep now.