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Interesting from 2012, doing a little of rolling back the years
RTE pundit Joe Brolly has accused Mayo of ‘cynical fouling’ ahead of Sunday’s All-Ireland final.

By Declan Whooley

The Derry barrister who has never shied away from ruffling feathers in the past, is sure to irk the men from the west with his latest views. He believes that tactical fouls were the cornerstone to their victory over Dublin in the semi-final.

The pundit said he was conscious of the fact that Mayo were dragging and fouling Dublin players during their attacks, but had a look at the game again and found that it was ‘shocking, even by modern standards’.

“There were 27 times where a Dublin player was trying to work his way forward and he was simply held or pulled down, but there was not a single yellow card,” he said in today’s Irish Daily Star.

Brolly believes that a lot of this was overlooked on the day, but that does not excuse the fact that yellow cards should have been issued.

“In the last 17 or 18 minutes, on seven separate occasions , they simply dragged down either O’Gara, Brogan, or McManamon as they headed towards goal,” the stats machine added.

It raises the issue of the sin-bin and retrospective penalties in order to eliminate this facet of the game that is now widespread.

After Pat Spillane was involved in an incident with Donegal supporters following the semi-final and now these comments from Brolly, the RTE studio could be a dangerous place to be next Sunday


The narrative about Mayo after that should have been that they were incredibly cynical and that “Dublin Joe” was very poor in how he dealt with it. Not to mention the cynical propaganda in the media before the game.
But this was Mayo, they had just beaten Dublin, and after they lost to Donegal the campaign to have them achieve the national coronation truly began. And the cynicism went on, and on, and on, unchecked, eventually rewarded with POTY.


Jayus , remember when we used to win them…its been a barren couple of years .


No still feel the same… Sorry dude though am very surprised they got ■■■ facial mucles working again. He was making Frank Stapleton look like Mr. Happy


Isn’t it an awful pity that this didn’t make folklore and match the other fairy tale of the Dublin cheating bastards pulling down ‘half’ of the people’s champions players in the 2017 AI final.


When its against dublin , everyone is delighted .
Still can’t get over leroy been lauded for throwing that GPS , if a dub did it , it would have been talked about alot more , very unsportsman like…


Dublin did pull us down but we have done the same to Ye…I just wish both sets of fans could accept that and move on…


Good one…I believe he was actually in Crumlin visiting a sick Mayo child. GAA stars from all counties do increadable work away from the field of play.


We have accepted it.

We’re just pissed off at the constant media narrative that we are the dirty cheats & you are the poor, innocent, put upon choirboys.


Nope, this is a contrived myth.
(If you aren’t referring to the last 2 kickouts of this years AIF, I respectfully withdraw my remark).


They do indeed in all fairness.


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I’d love to see John Leonard do a frame by frame break down (as he did when DC got a sly few boxes of COC in 2015) of the fairytale of croke park. In this tale ‘half’ the mayo team are pulled down.


I might become very unpopular with this. But I couldn’t give a rats about popularity!

My recollection of the kickout after Dean’s GPS score was that there was a lot of pulling and dragging down across the pitch. I know the video evidence I’ve seen since doesn’t show it, but I deffo recall seeing it on the day from the hill, with a full view of the full pitch. In fact, one of my buddies remarked on it at the time!