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He’s now taken to peddling his shtick on Pundit Arena. I wonder is he getting the ‘Ah, not this again Ewan’ line from the broadhseet editors.

How the mighty have fallen.


there is no point is going over this time and again, the counter argument is out there and is not being advanced by the GAA media because it is not in their interests. it suits them to create a monster for people to throw stones at. the reality is that you can take all the outraged from GAA facebook pages, the GAA proboards,, twitter and the rest and they wouldnt fill the church end terrace at parnell park.

compare that to the sheer numbers going to our matches to support us, and the money they generate. compare that to the massive numbers of kids and underage players the money goes to. There is no comparison and also dont forget that the GAA generates this money, the GAA knows where the money is going and why and the GAA knows the return on the investment. they also treat bitter as a tin foil hat merchant and crank.

the reality is that what was started in dublin is now being copied by the leinster council in other counties. there is the money to do so, and it will be expanded further. the gaa has plenty of spare money to continue with the dublin funding (dont forget the GAA funding of dublin is €700,000) and increase funding to other counties.

Every year the likes of longford and carlow get used as a stick to beat us with by these bozos, who never gave a shite since 1970 till the other year about longfords lack of leinsters. I get the impression that this year their people are fed up with the patronising.


Lest anybody be in ANY doubt …


What did Brolly say again? Mayo players win awards Dublin footballers win All Irelands.


I always think he’d be the type of fella who will add the number of goals/points he’s scores in training to his career tally when he finishes up!


I don’t see why he wouldn’t be.

I know it’s a bottom half of division 4 team, but racking up a score like that would get you player of the week, regardless of who you are or with whom you played, in fairness.


Player of the Weak more like … High scoring in a Division 1 v Division 4 turkey shoot … really worthy of merit?

Some great Donegal performances, Longford keeper too …


We played Wicklow and Longford and nobody got close to that tally to be fair to ■■■ …k


On course to be break Goochs record this season


There is a better spread of scores from our lads. Must be worrying for Mayo the other 5 forwards who started against Limerick only scored 0-5 from play between them.


Totally agree Id rather have 6 lads hitting average of 4 point each than 1 lad hitting 21 points in a game. But that is not his fault so he deserves his accolade this week


Gooch sitting at home logging in and out of his online banking not giving a flying fcuk! :grinning:


Longford keeper would of been my choice


@Stato82 on fire today - that’s two pints of Bass now. Listen to this man. He knows.


Players of the Week are decided based on votes cast by followers of the Official GAA Instagram page.
Pictures of nominated players are put up on the GAA Instagram page, and the picture that gets the most likes from fans is selected. If ever there was meaningless drivel !


Mayo… the best little county to vote in.


Spectator Index

  • Population: 1.38 billion
  • Did not qualify for World Cup


  • Population: 1.32 billion
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  • Population: 325 million
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  • Population: 334,252
  • Qualified for World Cup



Chill out guys…



Good man @mayoman!! Lift that censure mods! Henceforth he shall be St Cillian!