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Actually Matt de langer likes him so much they have him back on tomorrow eve to do their World Cup preview! Incredible that but nothing surprises any more!


He is irrelevant


Matt Cooper used to be his editor in the tribune.


A little background and possible insight into what maketh the man :joy::joy::joy:
Underneath !

This week MediaHQ‘s featured journalist is the one and only … … …

… is an in demand freelance sports writer for The Times, The Sunday Business Post, The Independent, The Examiner, The New York Times, ESPN, Bleacher Report and Blizzard.
Ewan originally started out as a political aide in 2002, working for for Labour TD for South Kildare, Jack Wall.

In 2005 … started working with The Sunday Tribune. There, his work as a sports journalist covering literally everything from GAA to tennis and soccer to boxing earned him a nomination for Sports Journalist of the Year in 2009.

… became a freelance sports writer in 2011. The next year he won Irish Sports Journalist of the Year.

He has written several sporting autobiographies for the likes of Oisin McConville, Darragh O’Sé and Kenny Egan.

… is originally from Athy, Co Kildare but is living in Brazil and working on a book about the Copa Libertadores.

… has been receiving high praise for his work at the Olympics in Rio this year. He has been tirelessly covering events and asking the hard questions regarding all controversies in Brazil.

He is often featured on Newstalk and Today FM for his opinions and is very active on Twitter.


Ah now I get it a champagne socialist who is fighting for fairness and eqaulity for all in gaa


In last week’s match programme against Offaly there was a stat on the number of cumman Na mbunscoil teams last year it was a massive number (580 or 850??) which is yet another stat the boy in Brazil never seems to be able to discover.

But Matt Cooper is not interested in this, the last word has become a click bait show. Why else have the same man on several times a year saying the same thing and yet Matt can never think up an angle or question to challenge him in it? If he has nobody on to challenge bitter it is his duty as a journalist to do it, but that’s not why he has him on.

At least Tomas o Se on TV yesterday said that munster/Kerry is as bad as Leinster/Dublin. They’ll have to take him back to the factory for reprogramming.


cooper a journalist who way way back had a little hunger to earn his stripes has regressed to a level equivalent to an elderly neighbour in a queue at the post office, his favourite line of interrogation, “ah you can’t say that, now can ye ?”. Wears his cork heritage proudly, which he seems to think gives him a licence to display an anti Dublin bias. Both bitter and himself were employed at the tribune, pigs from the same sty, smell of the same s…t.


Cian Ward … analyst … :joy::joy::joy:

Reminds me of Billy Connolly’s reply to a heckler … 'Don’t tell me how to do my job. I don’t come round to your workplace and tell you how to sweep the floor … ’


It’s a shame he’s not so high and mighty about actual cheating in Italian football though. The man is a total fraud


And a hypocrite. I’d wish the fucker would simply ■■■■ off and write a cook book and leave us all in peace.


Ewen’s Lamb Recipes for Success?


The only place i hear about him is here.


We need to sort that! :grinning: Not good for my Barrett’s Esophagus


That’s not entirely true - i heard him on the radio last year moaning about Irish Rugby, Katie Taylor and Dublin football. Trying to diminish each of their successes. He is just a very dull contrarian.


It’s a simple business model for him. Be a contrarian voice, wrap it up in some long winded pseudo-intellectual language, and presto someone will pay you to spout yer claptrap. Controversy sells.
Open a few anonymous “fake” personas on various message boards and post opinions containing your catchphrase ‘financial doping’ to ensure plenty of google hits and viola, the cash rolls in.

Irish media outlets are way too precious about the status of “journalists” to question their integrity. An NUJ card = a free pass


Very few even have NUJ cards these days.


this is something you hacve to bear in mind - he is making a living spinning this line. every time he is on matt cooper he gets a fee, however small.


While it must kill him to see our success the constant ‘Financial Doping’ bullshit line probably gives him a wee bit of comfort. And also his dog. He loves his dog and his midnight cowboy hat. The little things in life.


Its kinda like this . Imagine Kildare were wiping the floor with us , year in & year out and winning multiple AIs . You concoct a story about financial doping to ease the utter torment that fills every minute of your waking life knowing that the team you dispise with every fibre of your being is so successful . Its comforting for him to feel this way . Basic psychology there . His shrink must be making a fortune .


There’s a touch of that Andrex advert about him and the dog. The dog is the dog and the paper is the paper that only leaves the s…