Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


They’d never be happy until every single member of the cabinet was from Cork and even then I’d have my doubts


They’ve feirce notions about themselves .




Cian Ward having a right pop off Cooper today .


Is he the journalist or the fat fella that used to take the frees for Meath?


what was that on? Seems like open season on Johnny. With DC of the scene who else would they be looking to character assassinate.


The fat fella that used to eat the fries I mean take frees for Meath.


Woolys pod…


no surprise there then.


Oh Jaysus no thanks.


If these pricks paid as much attention to their own counties maybe Leinster would be more competitive


A career nobody. Who fcukin cares what that clown thinks. Just another parasite trying to make a few quid by selling his crap to the dullards of culchie land on some anti social media platform. Bollix


Is he going after his own manager for virtually attacking the ref, with the same venom he is going after JC?

Yeah. Didn’t think so ! :roll_eyes:


Cian Ward and his one dubious Leinster title :roll_eyes:. The real voice of authority. I mean give me a break.


This is how you know how great this Dublin team is. Every clown will say or do anything just to see us beaten once. Connolly gone, cheap shot on Cluxton, Cooper up next for the media witch hunt and on it will go until we’re back to being the team we were in the 2000s.

For all the folks out there who want “respect”, this is what it looks like. We keeping winning, the sniping rolls on and anyone with sense enjoys this fantastic group of players for as long as we have them.


That bitter Kildare bollox is on Today FM will the bitter langer fkr throwing out his bullshit figures again & unchallenged by Matt de langer. FFS! Same shite over and over again!


To quote their sister station @Hill16Blues , turn the dial…


I was so enraged all my muscles were temporarily in convulsion! Only managed to free myself after shouting ‘you bitter miserable Kildare bast… at the radio :rage: Managed to turn the dial at that point :smiley:


I want to hear more and more of him. Every station, every day.

I enjoy it.

No wait, I love it. Music to the ears.

Every single syllable he writes or speaks is a testament to our success. Remember that.


Par for the course with the ■■■■■. Let’s get Ewan in lads the financial doping expert. Someday they will stop calling the shitebag. He will be irrelevant