Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


That’s unbelievable


god remember when we used to have to listen to all that guff about being overhyped - despite no one really hyping the dubs, that’s all you heard from every smug culchie - the majority of whose county teams stank the place out.


Wonder what he made of the following year when we were made favourites against Kerry then they eviscerated us.

I do believe the heavy defeats of that period were the making of the backbone of the current panel. I wonder how the next generation of players, coming to prominence now and largely used to winning, will cope when they get a reversal.


Same shitheads writing it as are now writing about domination/ resources/ ‘the process’ etc etc.

Same shit-kicking swamp-donkeys lapping it up too.


Without doubt , though I do remember feeling like him at the time . The meath defeat was a black day . That really made Gilroy reevaluate things . I still think Gavin inherited a far better , battle hardened team than Gilroy did . High praise for Gilroy & what he did .


I love that word swamp donkey I feel a t shirt in that


And then the genius of Gavin in never beating our 3 major rivals by more than a point or two when they were at their best. That way they’ve never learned the lessons, always unlucky. :wink:


Didn’t help when you were the only dub in work surrounded by them :rage:

What them shower wouldn’t give for those dark times now :kissing_heart:


I wouldn’t be too worried , last time it happened we did 3 in a row :sunglasses:



WEll done to jack! Some achievement.


I wouldn’t let that mad fella near me!!!

Well done Jack!

Was also going to follow that career path but came up 400 points short.


I can see the headlines now if he wins a game at the death for us:

“Dr. Jack revives the Dubs”


He already has , ya don’t remember :wink:

“Jack McCaffrey ended shooting the decisive point in stoppage time”


You know what I mean and he wasn’t a doctor then :wink:


Or ‘doctor doctor can’t you see I’m burning burning’ after jack scores the winner against Kerry in an Al final







Do they ever give up ,fucking whingers :roll_eyes: