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this is 100% the reason in my opinion. the fact that they may/will get bet by the dublins of the GAA is a useful distraction. the gaa is full of bad managers. they impose a stupid system and shackles on players which nobody in their right mind would follow. what seems to be revealing is that a lot of the players who are in “sports schlorships” in college must see these guys for what they are, having gone from one highly organised professional system to the “whackers pet shop” marian year attitudes so beloved of bitter and other elements of the GAA. No wonder they couldnt be bothered.


What was she squeaky from?


lack of WD40 is the usual cause.


Money has always been the bottom line, the question is whether maximizing profit is the bottom line now.


Jaysus, for a minute there I thought Joxer was back.


New pod up chatting with Ray Cosgrove



Paul Curran calling out Colm O’Rourke, Anthony Moyles and Bernard Flynn to look at Meath troubles instead of commenting on other counties and issues in the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do find it funny that Curran is calling them out. Ten odd years ago he called out Dublin’s set up in the Herald and got it so spectacularly wrong that it was laughable.

It could be that they, like him, actually have no knowledge about what was/is going on in their county!


Yeah well the point he’s making is that they are very busy commenting on the Dubs when maybe they’d be better looking at their own county.


That will sting them though, what with Paul’s Meath GAA family connections?


And the point I’m making is that when he did the same thing he made a fool of himself. People in glass houses and all that.


Regardless - he’s right. O’Rourke, Permatan Flynn, Moyles would be better off concentrating on the shitfest that is their own county.


Correct along with a certain journalist who shall be nameless in relation to Kildare


It’s time to stop Alan.




I love this guys response to the Mail Online’s request! :joy::joy::joy:


A trip down memory lane
Was this you @GuyIncognito :rofl:


Nope not me if that’s I had a different alias