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Can’t blame players for walking away as enjoyment is gone out of intercounty football/hurling with diets,no social life etc. GAA/GPA have done nothing to stop power of intercounty managers who not only dictate players personal lives but also club schedules. Padraig Duffy “club month” in April was a insult to ordinary club players along with Super 8s/new hurling format there will be little club championship played in a lot of counties


The bottom line is that money has become the bottom line …


it works very well in hurling, winners of the lower tiers even look happy when they win!

The key is not to make it a losers competition like they did with the Tommy Murphy - that has put everyone off the idea but if winning the lower tier gives you access to the top tier the following year - then it gains credability as you have reward and earn your shot at the top teams.


what do you mean ?


So thats’ where the tiered competition comes in.

The likes of Sligo and Wicklow whose management and players stepped aside for the Tommy Murphy cup was a disgrace and they should have been hammered at the time.


Nah, tiered competition needs to be promotional - you win the lower tier you get a crack at the top tier. Not the other way around like the Tommy Murphy where after they lost they went into a cup no one cares about.

They need to start in the lower one and earn the crack at the top teams. preferably the following year.


There’s logic and merit in all the suggestions put forward there. In all this though I just asked the question if it was something the lower tier teams wanted why have they not been calling for it?

I have genuinely never heard any player or rep from the GPA for example saying this is what their members wanted. I’ve only ever heard people on radio or tele say they had no interest in playing a second tier competition and I can’t really blame them.


Genuinely think that’s because of how it was done before. (so badly).


Of course they won’t want it. I’ve no doubt the Wicklow lads relished the chance to play against the best in the country last weekend even though they were obliterated. Otherwise last weeks game served no other purpose.

Cutting to the chase, we shouldn’t be organising structure of competitions around players wants.

I’m sure the players from St. Brendan’s or RTL (as examples only) would love a shot at Vincent’s. Took the DCB long enough to cop on but at least they seen sense in the end.

The reality is you have to have a cut off somewhere and at the minute having 32 teams, with extreme differences in capability, compete in the same primary competition is ridiculous.


Exactly, tiered competitions exist everywhere within the GAA, with senior, intermediate and junior championships in practically every county, and while everyone would love to think of themselves winning a senior title, the reality is that for most it’s beyond them so they focus on their own grade.
Something similar needs to be done at inter county level, but as some have already said on here, it needs to be a competition with a tangible reward, and not be labeled as a losers tournament. It should be run in conjunction with the senior all Ireland weekends, with the finals either replacing the minor/ U-17 final or played on the Saturday evening before the A-I.
Loathe as I am to praise the man,but the plan mooted by Jimmy McGenius a couple of years ago has been one of the best thought out and workable plans to develop the championships to the stage where every county has a competition they can have a serious crack at winning. Also, his proposal to seed teams based on league and provincial championships each year (I think), means counties couldn’t gripe about being seeded on the basis of what went previously or that they were ‘trapped’ at a level that didn’t suit them.


Good post Rico.
The power of county managers needs to be diminished. This needs to be a gaa priority imo.


Reclaim the Game starts here!!


Intercounty management have too much of a say as per such.

Like over 5 clubs had to write complaints to the county board about the hurling management and clubs not having access to their players on two different occasions.

Trying to get a round of championship games postponed a week before they were due to be played and postponed until September after being agreed and ratified.
Then playing Mickey Mouse challenge games in between rounds 1 & 2 of club championship but won’t release players to play for their clubs :roll_eyes:


That Gilroy fella.


The current System shouldn’t be kept just to allow a weak county a day out against a big team. This is what is killing the small counties.
It should be graded.
Shouldn’t be any curtain raisers . Each competition stands on its own . Counties then through promotion move up the tiers .


Carlow and Longford players have no interest playing in a second tier competition. It would be a mess because the provincials will end up staying like in ladies football and you’ll only have 3 or 4 counties in the top tier per in certain provinces like Leinster and the rest will be in a 2nd-tier competition that no one covers.


If money is the bottom line, what is the line above it?


Used to be the panty line but is now the nipple line I believe.


Maybe they should ask all these players who are walking away from the inter county game. It would be interesting to hear their opinion on a tiered system. Or if they would be happy to play a game or two a year as long as the training was cut back.