Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


No idea. Probably not judging by his blatant hypocrisy


RTE must be desperate for advertising revenue when they show an ad for Sky’s GAA coverage during the Sunday Game.


Very strange isn’t it? Thought the same at half time during the hurling earlier


Getting very hard to watch the Sunday game.
If Father Ted did a sports programme episode it would probably model itself on this .


I think they could improve things no end if they just took the blindfold off the editor …


Listening to him is worse.


What exactly are people expecting from it though ?
Get rid of Des ?
Better punditry ?
Better analysis ?

Answers on a postcard here

Granted , Des might not even be there for as insightful as he is but whos the alternative .


There’s a (pun-based) joke in there, somewhere.


Well spotted !


My issue is with the highlights - or lack of. Great scores with no replays, great scores not shown at all, meaningless passages of play, terrible editing. I’m guessing the guy/gal who does TG4 Pro14 is doing both. If you are squeezed for time then fcuk the punditry at this stage of the season and show us the matches and scores. Otherwise rename it lighthighs rather than highlights …


Missed most of the Sunday game . Did they show any of the Dublin game? The rte player has nothing but interviews with managers and little or no action of the games.


Literally just watching it now . Couple of minutes , to be expected .Theyre talking more about the woes of Kildare / Meath & have actually gone through the highlights of the laois game for a second time .


Is there a contractual limit on how much highlights paper game RTE can show?


TG4 highlights show on monday might might show longer highlights if they show it all.


I’m not sure but it might explain things


But according to many in the media the woes of Kildare/Meath etc are intrinsically tied up with Dublin’s situation, therefore they should show more of our game. :slightly_smiling_face:


Read cpl weeks ago that the limerick football manager said up to 50 players he contacted to join the squad turned him down…
Someone put up a tweet when they were showing football highlights on rte that westmeath started their match against laois with only 6 of the team from last year.


Dessie Dolan tweeted that


And lots of teams over the last 10 years or more are virtually throwing the league, and/or provincial championship, and then producing much better performances in the qualifiers.


The provincial system is broken.