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I hated almost all of his suggestions…

U2 half time show, Americanize and commercialize the whole AIF weekend and event.

More money and more detatchment from real fans is all that would bring


What the actual fcuk?

You shouldn’t have to enjoy Gaelic Football to enjoy a the experience?

Sweet Jesus.


Unfortunately that’s where many inter county players are now. Totally detached from what the GAA is supposed to be. And the GAA is the cause of that. They have allowed it. And this year they’re facilitating its beginnings at an even younger age.


Yea we need more fireworks and lads abseiling down from the stand roof at halftime … :roll_eyes:

Thank god the GAA moves slowly, there’s a lot of bad ideas out there.


Mind you if the standard of fare on the pitch is like Castlebar, then …


Enter Danny Boyle…


If the yanks do it we have to slavishly follow it seems. MDMA suggestions are a bit off the wall for sure. The disease of sports being marketed as entertainment and as brands instead of a skills competition is almost complete . Marketing folk are the devils spawn.


Nothing worse then an MC trying to max the fun in a stadium.


Frankie Boyle, more like


not clicking into it , but is that the snippet or the full interview.
The snippet sounds like what in jaysis has he been smoking.
The interview hes talking about 2 pac and the other lad and american sports and it sort of flowed from there. in that context he has a point regarding half time ‘entertainment’ in an all ireland final , we lash up a 2 foot stage and have sharon shannon or aslan on.
The spring series a few years back had a few ‘musical act’ on at half time or between the games i cant remember - there was more there for jedward than the dubs one year !!

Bring back the garda band is what i’d say


Aslan played a couple of times - most notably the 2011 National League Final half time when we went on to be outscored 11-2 in the last half hour to lose by a point. Crazy World they played … indeed.


You can download the podcast of the interview.


i listened to both - wasn’t sure if we got the horrendous snippet or the waffley interview.


Ah right , im just listening to it now .


Have to agree with what others said, it was doped up nonsense. It’s an All-I Final, who cares about the half time show? Have a smoke, share a smoke, talk to your neighbours, go for a piss, fish that other can of piss out of where you hid it in your back pocket and sup it like it’s the finest vintage claret you might ever get, sit on the step so the person behind you has to stand on the edge of the step or somebody else’s toes, text yer mot (especially if she’s at the game and you’re not), eat the bloody hang sangwich, accept a bite from somebody else’s even if it’s been shared by the mouth that kisses your kids goodnight, watch the juvenile game and cheer on the one with the long hair, even though you believe his dad should make him harden up a bit, feel sorry for the lad in the fancy boots and socks who gets creamed by the girl, send a photo of the parade to somebody living in the f*ckin arsehole of the world in NZ or wherever, and pretend to feel sorry for them, pick your ear, scratch yer nose, wonder if the girl with the shiny hair a few steps/seats below you has a face to match, or if the bloke with the skinhead and the folds of skin with dents and a scar who’s with her will take a picture of you with her after, text whacker who never made it from The Big Tree or Hedigans or wherever in to the match to keep you a seat, gaze across the massed ranks of the Hill or at all the colours around the ground and thank Christ that you’re lucky to be alive.

Don’t let the b*stards grind us down.


Fair play Al. I genuinely don’t think I blinked, or breathed reading that…:clap: :clap: :clap:


That’s like Trainspotting meets GAA.


MDMA uses ‘like’ so much when he’s talking that I’m not actually sure that he meant you shouldn’t have to like Gaelic football to enjoy the show.


Looked up the RTE sports website just now, it would make you despair. The headline was about some lad who is not making the England squad. Oh, and he plays for ‘United’, so that must be why it’s extra important. The other 4 top stories were divided equally amongst Leinster rugby and Premier League.

Get f*cked RTE.