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Miraculous disappearing posts again?

It’s a war lads. Let’s go all out on all threads and pun the shit out of this place!!!


:scream: You mean, verbal diarrhoea?


Pun Polizei are operating in other threads now


That’s not a fair cop though!


Martial law!


It’s a bum rap I tells ya.


Almost worse than marital law.


Nice to see AIG sending over some cup cakes to Bernard while he’s in recovery :wink:



Always an honest, genuine and insightful interviewee. Interview in Indo today is good. Refreshingly honest about the 5th medal meaning little as saw little game time.


Love the way he doesn’t really understand how it works. the GAA season has got to be the most ridiculously complicated season of any sport. All because we’re stuck with 20+ counties insisting in playing in the top tier even through they haven’t a snowballs chance in hell of winning it.


not to mention crossing grades and codes and club/county.


I know. No headgear. No high-vis. Shocking.


Agree about Indo article. Get the impression that there is no shortage of hunger or desire in him to make up for his “disappointment “ of last year. Good news for us.



Was listening the off the ball this morning. It was fridays show i think and Adrian Barry decided to call Ciaran Kilkenny a liar and suggested that the team were training in France. And they wonder why lads are unwilling to give the media the time of day.


What is that clown on about???


No idea. And they were in France in May so even if they did train, so what?


A gobshite


France is nearer to the equator. this means that the players would be training in higher gravity and so will be like superman when they get back to ireland.

or they were on a holiday.