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We’ve been listening to that mantra about Leinster for a long while now. Even in and just after the decade when 6 different counties won Léinster the usual suspects were starting to talk of crisis whilst conveniently ignoring matters closer to home.


Some of the comments on that article are hilarious, there’s one guy claiming that all Dublin players are now fully professional with a starting salary of 85K and rising to 135K, he’s got to be a WUM.



You would hope he is but given the amount of BS the likes Spewan spout and there are some lads who lap it up it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s not


That has to be bullshit. No Dublin player would even get out of bed for just 85k.


The great Mickey Whelan on left of Kennedy.


well spotted.


And 1932 before that.





25 million? They do in their hole.


Top class PD!


It’s the most likes I’ve ever gotten for a post.

Sez a lot about the ka-wality (or lack thereof) of the rest of them…sez you …

Shurrup, sez I… :joy:


Problem is this has been the situation for last 100 years ,its the norm.and its no longer an aberration


I see the pun police have been out in force again, selectively deleting some puns but not others. Clowns


Your puns are shit


Says bosco who’s has had a hand up his hole more than 25 million times…


Don’t be jealous




They always delete mine too because they’re so sh1t they’re good …


Don’t be so facetious