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I don’t know, would be no shock at all for Mayo to beat them and the hype being quelled might be just what they need.


ARE we vulnerable without brogan & Connolly?


It is a good one. Some gas stories in there of gaelic football but not as we know it today! The oul fella always reminded me of how Duff was ditched much too soon from the IC set-up. Interesting to hear his own side of it.


If we have everybody back I’d say we will be fine . Take into account both Jack & Cian will come back fully rested . I think we can manage without Bernard , DC though , I’m not so sure but we have to get used to the idea of he might not be around anymore .


I think so.


I know Connolly wasn’t around most of last summer but it’s really only at the sharp end of the championship where it’s going to potentially cost us. Need a bit of luck with injuries.


Ill say one thing , it’s better to have the injuries now then worry about them later . Also McCarthy too !


It’s more in the forwards now where we’re looking a bit in transition. Knew B.B. and Connolly weren’t going to go in forever but to lose both suddenly is not ideal.


In fairness…


True but look at it like this .
We now have
Scully ( if needed )
Howard ( if needed )

Whether we like it or not , time waits for no man
.Hard to believe Rock is the elder of these .
These guys will get the experience now to take over from the older guys . Its the bench I’d be worried about down the line.

Out of the starting forward line in '11 we might only have Flynn back .
Berno ( injured )
Cahill ( retired )
Alan ( retired )
Cullen ( retired )
Dc ( AWL )
Flynn ( returning from injury )

So we have had a gradual transition since then with Rock coming in , KeV getting some starts , Andrews too.

And now the crop I’ve listed up top.


Berno would be starting for any other county. Connollys loss for me is immeasurable. We all knew he would be back last year at some stage. his impact in the final was the winning of that match for me (along with Deano). I guess we won’t know till squeaky bum time. I’d love to see the pair of these lads back.


Oh, I agree we’ve plenty of talent there, but Connolly and Brogan on their day are as good as anyone. The lads above can be also, but wouldn’t liked the two lads around this summer as plan A and/or B.


Nothing beats experience , but the only way these young fellas will get it is been thrown in at the deep end . Kilkenny , Rock & Mannion have plenty of it . Con was absolutely unfazed last year .Scully has some too .



Where is that? Brilliant.


Dunno. But this one is even more impressive.



Pots and kettles come to mind.


Nobody spoke of how bad the Munster SFC can be. Kerry won 11 of 12 Munster titles from 1975 to 1986.


Presume they also didn’t speak of the fact that 1992 was the last time someone other than Kerry or Cork won Munster.:roll_eyes: