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Ya history and the media… constantly been rewritten to suit an agenda just as jacko according to him mayo are the most consistent team since 2010.


They’ve a weird parallel with us . Have they been in every semi since '10 like us ? And 4 finals compared to 5 for us . They ARE consistently the second best team if that’s the case but no finals win to show for it .


If the Dublin team of the 70’s never won any All Ireland’s (but kept getting beaten by Kerry) would they be considered an all time great team? Probably not. We Dubs would think they are great, or hard done by or whatever, but would the rest of the country consider them great? I doubt it.

The 2013 Clare hurlers won 1 All Ireland. Are they considered a great team? No. They underachieved, is most peoples opinion of them.

Tipp have won 2 All Ireland’s this decade. Are they considered a great team? As in all time great, not just one of the more successful teams this decade? Not really. The underachievers tag is thrown at them too. They rarely get a free pass on the grounds of the greatest KK team of all time, being in their pomp then too. So why should Mayo get one, in relation to us?

McGuinness’s Donegal won 1 All Ireland. Are they considered a great team? Not really. Maybe the greatest or 2nd greatest Donegal team of all time, great manager certainly, a couple of great players, but all time great team? Not really.

So Mayo are gonna have to do an awful lot more than win just one All Ireland to be deemed a truly great team imo. Why should they be judged differently than anyone else?


I think when @TheLoneRanger finally admitted this current team are the best Dublin team of all time it was one of the reasons he hit the road :laughing:(that might not have been the case :wink:)


That’s a very good and fair post.


So happy Donncha is escaping this … seems a very dangerous place …



Hope he didn’t get his knickers in a twist over that. He’ll see red if he did.


Were the crisps Wuster Sauced flavour?


Whelo is on the Hill16 podcast this week , think its out tomorrow


Ha! The meedja was only willing to reluctantly concede this Dublin team is great after we had won 4 (or in some cases 5) All-Is, not to mention the 4 Nat Leagues in a row.


Bit of a flaky story, though some crumbs of comfort by the end.


This could be a good one
Whelo talks to Ciaran Duff



Hi, Martin Breheney here.

Using the aforementioned method of applying points to finishing all ireland positions since 2010 we discover some intersting trends. Firstly, we are amending the points awarded as the first idea awards winning semi finalists for both winning their semi final and appearing in the final. So - 10 to all ireland winner, 8 to runner up, 5 to losing semi finalist. Replays do not count as they do not determine where winners and losers end up.

Before we get to the tables, it is interesting to note a trend whereby the final four of the all ireland football championship this decade has settled down somewhat. Since 2013 Dublin, Mayo and Kerry have all made semi finals. Tyrone have made three of the semi finals since 2013, in other words only Tipperary (in 2016) and Donegal (in 2014) broke this trend. Donegals finals and one semi final (in 2011) show a decline by them since 2014 and it is unlikely that Tipperary will get to the semi finals this year. It should be a certainty therefore that this years semi finals will be Dublin, Tyrone and Mayo again - will Galway be the forth?

In finals, Dublin have been in 5 of the 8 this decade, Mayo 4, Kerry 3, Donegal 2. Of course winning is king in a final and Dublin have 5/5, Mayo 0/4, Kerry 1/3, Donegal 1/2. Cork are the outlier there having won the 2010 final. In fact of the 4 semi finalists in 2010, only Dublin and Cork (once) have reached a semi final since, showing a decline for the other three counties, Cork, Down and Kildare to which, later on, can be added the Donegal decline.

So, onto the table.

  1. Dublin 65
  2. Mayo 42
  3. Kerry 41
  4. Donegal 23
  5. Tyrone 15
  6. Cork 15* (Does corks all ireland put them ahead of tyrone?)
  7. Tipperary 5
    8 Kildare 5 (as Tipps came later)

Of course, those replays in which Dublin, Mayo and Kerry were involved in during these years may increase their points totals put not their position (say if you gave 2 points to each team in a draw).

An interesting anomoly of the metrics is that Donegal are still some way ahead of Tyrone in the points, but if Tyrone continue to the end of the decade at a semi final level and Donegal do not the current trend of the past 4 seasons will continue and they will overtake them to be in clear fourth by the end of the decade. If Kerry were to beat Mayo in a semi final they would overtake the westerners as well, which may be a bitter pill for them to take if they ultimatley end up third (Tyrone being too far behind) in the standings for this their most successful decade since the 1950’s.


You mightn’t have to travel too far to find them Alan. On Sunday Vincents were tweeting (and then deleting) about winning their 3rd Div 2 Camogie Feile in 4 years. Suspiciously good success rate that, maybe it’s time they gave Division 1 a try?


Some people really hate Vincent’s :joy::joy::joy:


Vincents camogie should always be looking to be in Division 1. Not that I’d be much interested. But winning Division 2 titles handily would not impress me too much.



Virtually ignores Galway.


Well find out in 10 days if they are the real deal or a version of roscommon from 2016