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No offence but there is nothing in it to reply to. But do point out my untruths.


There it is there, the one thing that is consistent when you need to highlight their achievements, and that is the use of the words " would" and “if” you could also add, woulda, coulda and shoulda but hey the concensus is their victims so let’s all just go easy easy, softly softly and show some compassion.


I just did. Many great teams were unlucky to come along at the wrong time and win nothing. I also asked you to name the players in Mayo who were not being picked. No offence either! Reply!


If they win nothing how can they be great teams? Great teams win things - that’s why we call them great.

Mayo have had excellent defenders, no real midfield and very few forwards - that is not a great team in anyone’s language.

Mayo won the All Ireland U21 two years ago tomorrow. The vast majority of the team have seen no senior C’ship game time. A group of lads who constantly come up short are keeping out young lads who are proven winners. Look at our harvest from the U21s. If is us not broken don’t fix it … but it is broken …


I don’t agree that a team has to have an All Ireland to be great but I can’t disagree with the rest. Fair play. I had totally forgotten about that under 21 win.


Too many lads in their senior team being held onto in the hope they win one before retirement IMO. Think there’s only 2-3 from that 21 side involved at senior.


Mayo have been in 11 finals including replays in 29 years ,and still havnt closed the deal ,which defies all rational explaination .One off matches which finals are, often take a life of their own and bring their own pressure in that it does not matter about been the best team in ireland but just been better than the team you are playing on the day.
We didnt play particularly well in 13 and stank the place out with our performance in first match in 16 final but we hung on in there to dig out wins , where does that come from ??? Most of this team are not held down by baggage from previous teams and it shows,they fully expect to win every time they go on the field ,call it arrogance or supreme faith in their own ability to get the job done but for whether reason mayo simply dont have it when it comes to winning finals.


It’s not just about finals. For the past 2 years, Mayo have needed an awful lot of extra time, replays, luck & Aidan O’Shea swan dives just to make it to the AI final. When you make such hard work of beating the likes of Clare, Derry, Fermanagh etc etc what does that say about you, as a team? That has tarnished this teams legacy as a truly great one imo.


We have a real thing for mayo here! :grin: This debate will blow up when they do get a win over us in a major game


It’ll be like 2012 all over again , the celebrations will be wild.


Part of the problem is that this Mayo team is never critically appraised by the media or pundits . Instead they are basically patronised and have probably bought into this without even realising it.

The truth is they have mostly stopped us from playing over the last few years - but they still can’t beat us.

We have a goalkeeper who kicked an All Ireland winning point under the most intense pressure but if he hits two bad ones in a row he’s having a meltdown according to the experts.

They have a keeper who put the most important kick out of the season straight out over the line but he gets an All Star and a PotY nomination!

Our lads are professional and play as close to the line as possible if not over it. They have a good defender who spends a huge amount of time illegally blocking and preventing his man from playing and he gets PotY.

They have an ongoing habit of kicking wides under pressure and their brilliant free taker constantly fails with scorable kicks under that same pressure.

We have any number of players who will pop up with scores when you really need them (Dermo, Kev, Cormac, Berno, Paddy) and a free taker who won’t crack no matter what you throw at him …

One team where everyone knows their role and a manager who ensures it all happens. These are the differences between a team and a great team …


I would not class this Mayo team as great, I was about to ask somebody above who ever said they were great, and then I saw somebody said it! They aren’t. Just the same as the Dublin team 89-97 weren’t great either. Great teams win 2-3 All-Is, and if they win two they go very close to a third, and are otherwise quite consistently successful/and win a couple of National Leagues to boot at least… Much as it pains me to say it the Meath team of about 84-92 or 93 were great (and greatly dirt). Galway 98-2004ish were not really great. Donegal 2010-2016ish were not either, even if they had won that second All-I.


If a number of counties were acting as the stick in the spokes of the Mayo crusade to get hold of Sam, the media would possibly look at things more coldly. Problem (for some!) is that it’s mainly been us getting in their way which subconsciously makes us seem as the big bad wolf. For every big bad wolf, you need a goldilocks so neutrals will side with goldilocks. For supporters that’s fair enough but the media have a responsibility to report a bit more analytically IMO.

For the record, the goldilocks reference isn’t meant as a slur on Mayo. As someone mentioned earlier - which sums it up well IMO - they’ve been able to put the brakes on us to various degrees of success but just haven’t had enough attacking guile themselves to get out ahead of us when the heat is at its highest. The championship struggles between us have been titanic for the last 5 years. We’ll marvel in years to come at the refusal of our lads to yield again and again. You’d wonder though if Mayo have gone down the rabbit hole of aspiring to short term gain & glory (by apparently sticking with so many of the old guard again) and heading for long-term pain in stunting the U21 candidates for so long. All their chips are on red. Yet again.


Mayo in the past few years have made a stratigic decision to only go for an all ireland win. They have discounted the league and, be it by decision or omission, they have discounted the connaight championship in order to do this. Is this because of their limited squad of players? They used 35 players in this years league and that was with leaving out a few we would assume are automatic starters in a few weeks against Galway and further down the line. If it is limited, it is not in terms of numbers, not in terms of money either. No matter how they spend it, Mayo can match Dublin in raising money for their football team, if not exceed it.

So thats their game plan and you have to say that by and large it has worked in that they made successive finals and lost them by the minumum. Is that a great team? Who decides this anyway? We belive we have a great team, then Mick O’Dwyer says they are not because we trashed someone in the final and before you know it other kerry lads are saying it too. I am sure they will invent some other reason if we do trash someone in a final.

Is this Mayo team better or worse than McGuinnes’ Donegal team? Sure they won an all Ireland, and beat Mayo, but Mayo beat them back fairly hard, and Mayo have done better in getting to more finals.

If you were to apply numbers, say 10 for an all ireland win, 8 for all ireland loss, 6 for semi win, 4 for semi loss, where would this Mayo team be in teams from 2010 onwards? I’m too lazy to do the adding up but I’d say they would be a comfy second, so does that mean they are better than Kerry and Donegal this decade?

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… and i taut it was the hurling threads which were bitchy!


Did u realy tink dat?


no :joy:


So , how many AIs do they need to win before they are great . 3 minimum ?


They just need to beat us once in a final and they’ll Leap frog us as the greatest team of the teens… according to the media. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All the losses will be erased front history then :wink: