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Live Net TV for android is a good back up to mobdro, eir sports 1 perfect quality


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Piracy is theft.




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Holy shit , that’s almost as good as my paid IPTV . Fair facks to ya !


Where does one get this?


Disagree completely and you don’t get the ethos of the Gaa. This Mayo team have given it all…yes we haven’t won sam which makes it open season for mocking Mayo but sure at the end of the day what more can we do? You give it your all and that’s all you can ask.


You disagree with what? The fact that Mayo haven’t won an All Ireland since 1951?

I fully understand the ethos of sport and the GAA. I am not mocking either and would consider the ‘poor old Mayo they only lost by a point/ after a replay’ etc to be closer to mocking. Very few people remember who lost All Irelands in the 60s, 70s and beyond - or the margins of defeat. Cavan won over 50 Ulsters but it’s only their 5 All Ireland wins that are revered. Mayo people still talk of '51, Cavan of '52, Louth '57 etc - they don’t talk of defeats - great or small. So despite their gallantry unless they win Sam this Mayo team will be just another also ran - a team that probably should have won Sam but didn’t. If your GAA ethos is ‘ah jaysus they’re a great bunch of lads all the same’ fine … I don’t share it.


Not based on their results or is that not what you judge a team on.


When you say your team has given it’s all, that insinuates the other county teams are not. Every supporter believes in their counties determination but they also have the respect to understand the opposition big and small are dreaming the same dream. The day of mayo waking up and realising it’s about respect in both victory aswell as defeat and forget about the “we are the biggest victim” and “it only happens to us” agenda, the sooner they will be winners. PS,you need look no further than Galway for direction.


So you don’t think Mayo have been well ahead of all but Dublin, Kerry and Donegal in the last 8 years? What results? Thanks for the smart remark though, pity the mods seem to value deleting light hearted harmless stuff every time over crass, arrogant comments.

I think yis are all missing the point here. The point was in response to someone saying a team can only be judged as better than another team by All Irelands won. That to me is clearly wrong.


Apologies was not mean’t as a smart comment.


Utter bull from you again. In what way do I suggest my mayo giving it their all do I imply other teams don’t?

Of course every team from club to county from Dublin to Carlow give it their all. There can be only one winner.

We crave an all Ireland but at the end of the day if you go out and give it your best shot like in life what more can you ask for?

As for the poor aul Mayo guff…we don’t want any sympathy. It’s only sport at the end of the day and loosing all Ireland finals does not define us.


I just don’t understand how Mayo could be considered a great team when they haven’t a single national title to their name. They have never been able to beat Dublin, Kerry or Donegal when it really mattered. They have watched poorer teams lift Sam but couldn’t close the deal themselves. They want for nothing (rightly) in terms of resources preparation etc.

Every year it’s we’ll dust ourselves down and come again - we’re Mayo. Why is there not some anger among supporters - who spend a lot of money following this team. Why is there not more criticism of a bunch of players who mutinied against the previous management and haven’t even won a Connacht since? Why do the same players seem to get picked automatically even if they are playing poorly and bringing nothing to the team? Why is there still no idea how or where to play Aido yet he starts every time? Most of all why are the same kinds of mistakes are made year on year in costing this team games? Great teams learn from their mistakes - Mayo never have.


Most of that post is untrue. There are many teams out there who woud be judged as great by their peers, despite not having won an All Ireland. Lady luck plays a huge role. If the Clare hurling team of the 70s had not come together when Cork were in their pomp, they would have won an All Ireland. Limerick had a great hurling team in the 90s. Waterford had many great teams in the last 20 years. In football, Mayo have a great team that would have won an All Ireland if Kildare were their opponents as opposed to us. Similarly Plunkett Donaghy’s Tyrone in 1985, Laois etc. Some great teams never got the breaks.

When you say that Mayo have loads of resources, they don’t have what we have. Fact. Of course their supporters are angry- and heart broken every year. The same players get picked as they don’t have a huge pool of players. If you know of players who have been overlooked, who are They?


There is not a single thing in that post that is untrue.

And many many teams have won All Irelands over the years that I wouldn’t consider great.


Well reply to my post so!