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And a Meath team that completely lost their heads after hammering Kerry in the semi-final.


That was a Great Galway team in fairness.


They had what Mayo didn’t have and still don’t…a sufficiency of scoring forwards who can beat their own man. I’m not having a pop Mayoman but I believe that this is why ye have not won. No curse. No lack of effort. Just that. A lack of Padraig Joyces.


Sure was


I actually agree. Throw Joyce Canavan, Brogan or Connolly into the current Mayo team and we have at least one All Ireland…that said despite all that we have been inches away from victory on numerous occasions.


Absolutely true.


Alas inches might as well be miles


Or for James Horan to be better at managing the egos of “characters” and/or former superstar forwards, whose scoring threat wanes with the passage of time, or mounting injuries, but they are still good for a good 2-3 pts off the bench, or a goal here & there. They just need to be handled properly.

Exhibit A - one Conor Mortimer: Yes, unmerciful eegit altogether. (That statement his family issued on his behalf. Good Lord, what on earth were they thinking?) But if you still had him in 2013, in a final you lost by a point…

In 2012, he was Mayo’s all time leading scorer. Could you really afford to jettison him so blithely?

If Horan was as good as Jim Gavin or Eamonn Fitzmaurice, in making the 30+ players feel as important & included as the young guns, maybe you’d have your All Ireland by now.

But he wasn’t, Mortimer threw his strop, left for good & Billy big balls Horan got to lay down his version of the law or whatever, but you still don’t have your All Ireland. So who was the winner in all that? Certainty not Mayo.


They said the same about Dublin in 95. We got the breaks.


But that’s just the way it is.


Don’t agree…in 04 and 06 we were miles away with the games over before half time…in recent times we have been close, very close.

I wouldn’t be blaming James Horan. He changed Mayo football. Every manager makes mistakes including Jim Gavin but the wealth of talent available to Jim is second to none


Some things will never change…


That’s as maybe but he makes the most of what we have too, to a large extent. 15 on the field to start, ok so the subs are very strong. But he has made the most of some players who aren’t nearly as talented as some others. And so on…


But no cigar - so it’s irrelevant. Mayo do not have an asterisk beside the list of All Ireland winners since 1951 and that is the only thing that counts. Margin of defeat is irrelevant.


Of course it isn’t. The recent Mayo teams have been way ahead of the 2000s team. How is that not relevant? It’s relevant in many ways. One of which is that it shows how good Dublin have been, in some ways.

It’s a shame people have developed this idea that winning is all that matters, and there’s nothing in between. I’m not being condescending when I say that Mayo have achieved alot in this era so far. I say this in an objective, neutral way. It matters little to either most Mayo or Dublin people but it is a fact as I see it. So it needs to be said.

Mayo have been well ahead of all but one or two other teams/counties.
Having said all that I think they should have tried to win the league more. Maybe they just weren’t good enough. I’m not sure about the excuses made.


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