Online media (Balls, Sports Joe, The 42 etc)


Sorry - he does think they’d beat us. My bad.


Well they were multiple UFC winners…


Is that the Conor McGregor thing …





That’s what happens when you get a black stripper for a hen night in Wicklow.


Yeah, I know we’re not interested in individual awards But . . .




This article is what I think and always thought what Féile is all about.


Agreed. Unfortunately not everyone in Dublin has/had the same view.


The part where he said Kildare ran Dublin close a few times , after that I gave up.


Get rid of trump will ya it’s very unsettling when replying to you.


Your W freaks me out too because off all the bad W words … what does it stand for anyway?


Monaghan. I m dyslexic


I’ve a terrible memory too


Thats why the were so consistent?


Id not see this before , its from last October , but just Dermo & Mullins talking about Vincents . He doesn’t give many interviews as we know . But just a reminder of what we are missing :sweat:


In reality your only loved from within. People say they love “Mayo” but they laugh and mock us and many secretly love seeing us loose final after final.

It’s like when your in a final and the build up your neighboring counties grinning wishing you well when behind it you know full well that many are willing the opposite.

As a young kid watching Galway bring Sam across the Shannon in 1998 after our failed attempts in 97/97…it was like getting kicked in the stomach.


I’m getting a sense of deja-vu!


Galway will never be lucky enough to meet Kildare again in a final :wink:


Ah now , that Kildare team were decent :wink: